What Batman v Superman Would Have Looked Like In The 90s

Youtuber ChiefBrodyRules gives us an interesting look at what DC’s Zack Snyder-helmed Batman v Superman would have looked like if it was made in the 90s. The awesome VHS-like 4-minute trailer gives us John Cusack as Superman, Bruce Willis as Batman, Jennifer Connelly as Lois Lane, and Denzel Washington as Commissioner Gordon.

ChiefBrodyRules’ Batman V Superman is charmingly convincing. He really did an amazing job of this.

This is a concept trailer of my version of DCEU in the 90s. My main goal was to do something different from other fan trailers. They mostly use the same actors and go too serious. I wanted mine to be fun and match the tone of some of my favourite action movies from the 90s (Armageddon, Con Air, Independence Day).

This was also inspired by Max Landis (Regarding Clark, American Alien). His John Cusack as Superman was a fantastic casting choice and I’m bummed it never happened. Bruce Willis as Batman is totally my idea. Bonfire of the Vanities meets the Jackal. It could have been cool. I’ll probably do a video at some point explaining the other cast members but I think they would’ve been great.

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