Watch: Batman Rebirth: Crisis On Earth Trinity - Fan Trailer

I want this trailer to be real so badly! Unfortunately, it’s not. Darkmonolith Entertainment’s epic Batman Rebirth fan trailer will make you wish it was.

Imagine DC took it’s Rebirth storyline and adapted it into their film universe. Imagine Batman had to face off the other Batman from previous worlds. We’d get a Christian Bale’s Batman versus Ben Affleck’s Batman. That is something I’d pay a lot of money to see.

We’ve already discussed the possibility of the DCEU making Rebirth here. The Watchmen references in all the films so far all point to it. Will it happen? That’s a big maybe. Until then, this awesome fan trailer is all we have to go on. And it’s enough to get you super excited about the idea.

Crisis on Infinite Earths was a 12-issue series back in the ’80s dealing with DC’s multiverse featuring many of the same heroes and villains from alternate universes and realities. DC Comics recently published the highly popular Rebirth comic that also saw their multiverse tie into the Watchmen graphic novel.

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