The draw card for me and most fans is the fact that Batman is a superhero with no super powers – just a regular guy with a sad past, a lot of money, cool tech, and unmatched determination. Being a billionaire, Bruce Wayne probably doesn’t care too much for things like insurance. However, given his driving record (the amount of damage he does to the vehicle while fighting the Joker and the likes), the potential lawsuits that may arise from property damage and the fact that he is driving a nine million dollar vehicle, surely he has to consider it?

Just have a look at this clip for instance:

The first thing all insurance companies look at is the driver’s personal information (his age, marital status, driving record, annual mileage, risk, previous claims).

Age — According to the comics, Batman was 25 when he first became The Dark Knight. However, Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is believed to be in his mid-40s in the upcoming Batman v Superman. Insurance companies tend to lower premiums for drivers over 25. Younger drivers are considered more reckless, whilst older drivers are less accident prone.

Marital Status — Single drivers pay more in premiums. Although there have been a few depictions of Batman marrying Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Talia al Ghul, most fans consider him a bachelor.

Driving Record — As mentioned before, Batman doesn’t have the best driving record. He not only drives at reckless speeds but also has a tendency to damage or destroy his vehicles. Being good friends with Commissioner Gordon probably helps. A lot.

Annual Mileage — Patroling Gotham city every night probably runs up his mileage quite a bit.

Risk — While the risk of damage to the vehicle is quite high, the risk of someone stealing the vehicle is remarkably low. His security systems are unmatched. However, Gotham city is pretty high risk.

It’s hard to place a real number on how much you’d pay in premiums for insuring the batmobile. It will probably be sky high. Thankfully, Mr. Wayne is rich beyond imagination.

Last year I had a terrible car accident, which resulted in the car skidding and tumbling off the road – pretty much the stuff you see in Batman comics and movies. Thankfully, like Batman, I emerged uninjured. Sadly, I couldn’t say the same for my Batmobile. The vehicle was a write-off. Unlike Batman, I didn’t have a Wayne fortune to turn to. Thank goodness I had insurance. My vehicle was replaced and once again, I’m back on the road – ready to take on crime in my new and improved Batmobile.

Choosing an insurance company is tricky business. You want the best for less. How would you like super cheap car insurance premiums that decrease monthly to correspond with the depreciating value of your car? King Price has a first-of-its-kind, ground-breaking car insurance offer that even Batman can’t refuse.

So take for example, if the premiums decrease by R8 every month.

If you do the math its:
Month 1: R8
Month 2: R8 + R8
Month 3: R8 + R8 + R8

The calculation is roughly multiplying the first decrease by 72 to get the total savings per year. Times that by 4 and you will see how it compares to an outbonus.

Find out more about King Price insurance’s offer here:

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