Batman: The Killing Joke - Honest Trailer

Watch: Batman: The Killing Joke – Honest Trailer

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Screen Junkies have some very harsh words for the Batman: The Killing Joke animated film. This is a brutal honest trailer.

“Warner Bros. is fighting fire with gasoline, by adding even more Batgirl, except now she also gets roofied, flirts with a criminal who is giving her attention, has sex with her boss, complains about men and gets talked down to by a grown man in a batsuit.” Ouch!

Of course, they dig into the sex scene, the R-rated moments, the cliched gay character, and even the animation itself.

Experience the animated adaptation of Batman and Joker’s “one bad day” – plus the weird Batgirl short film tacked on to the beginning.

From the start of production, we encouraged producer Bruce Timm and our team at Warner Bros. Animation to remain faithful to the original story — regardless of the eventual MPAA rating. The Killing Joke is revered by the fans, particularly for its blunt, often-shocking adult themes and situations. We felt it was our responsibility to present our core audience — the comics-loving community — with an animated film that authentically represented the tale they know all too well.

Batman: The Killing Joke is an influential one-shot superhero comic book written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland, published by DC Comics in 1988. The plot revolves around a largely psychological battle between Batman and his longtime foe the Joker, who has escaped from Arkham Asylum. The Joker intends to drive Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon insane to prove that the most upstanding citizen is capable of going mad after having “one bad day”.

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