Batman Egg-Cup & Toast Cutter set/DC Golden Age Mug & Superman Keyring Set Review

Packaging: / 10

Paint: / 10

Design: / 10

Sound: / 10

Durability: / 10


Imagine your life as Batman. You’re a moody, brooding vigilante, a symbol of vengeance against a world full of criminals. You’ve trained your whole life to avenge the deaths of your parents, and spend far too much time skulking around on rooftops dressed in body armour. Your body is honed to perfection, your fists are hammers of justice. Your car is a rocket-powered tank and your mind is a living computer. You’re so amazing that you can defeat Superman just by looking at him, although you hate those awkward conversations you have with him about how both your mothers were called Martha. You’re awesome. You are the night. YOU. ARE. BATMAN!!!!!

Batman Egg-Cup & Toast Cutter Set And DC Golden Age Mug & Superman Keyring Set Review

Also, you’re hungry after a long night of crimefighting. So what does Batman eat for breakfast when he’s hungry? Yes, you could eat lobster, but nothing quite says a proper breakfast more than boiled eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein, can aid with weight management, muscle strength and even brain function. So have some boiled eggs, along with little toast soldiers to dip in the runny yolk. But being Batman, you need… the Bat-Egg-Cup! And Bat-toast!

Thankfully, those fancy-pants merchandising chaps out there have taken all of this into account, so this is just the breakfast set that all brooding superheroes (or their fans) need. It may seem silly, and it is, but it’s also a huge amount of fun knowing that you can have little Batman-emblem pieces of toast with your breakfast and that Gotham’s guardian is protecting your hard-boiled egg.

Plus, if you’re a fan of cool-looking superhero mugs, it’s hard to find one better than the beautiful Golden Age era DC heroes. Featuring characters like Batman, Superman, Jay Garrick – the original Flash, and the rest of the 1940s JSA team, it’s a wonderful tribute to the history of DC Comics. In an era where DC’s classic legacy seems increasingly unimportant to some, you can proudly enjoy your hot beverage knowing that you’re doing your part to remember what made DC great so many years ago.

The mug comes with a rubber Superman-emblem keyring featuring bold, eye-popping colours straight from the comics… although sadly the chain on it isn’t quite sturdy enough to live up to the Man of Steel’s reputation and can’t take too much weight. Now we know why Superman never used one on his giant key at the Fortress of Solitude. However, don’t be too downhearted because the set comes with two tasty chocolate bars, ideal for dipping in a hot chocolate (hey, you’ve got to use that mug for something!) or nibbling on for a sweet fix.

Batman Egg-Cup & Toast Cutter set/DC Golden Age Mug & Superman Keyring Set Review

There are plenty of merchandising tie-ins coming for the Justice League film but, thankfully, neither of these packs are about that. They’re just about showing your geekdom off, and unlike some underwhelming products which DC has just slapped their name on, these are tons of fun and well worth every cent.

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    • Rick Austin

      They’re available on Amazon, as well as in some “Crazy” affordable bits-and-bobs stores. Shopping online is probably the best and most reliable option though.

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