DC Batman and Catwoman Getting Married

It’s not unusual for superheroes to find love. Look at Superman, for example. Without Lois Lane in his life, it would feel almost foreign to readers. The two are meant to be and readers have accepted their marriage and son, Jon Kent, as canon.

Batman, though, has been in a strange predicament. For 79 years, we’ve seen the Dark Knight mostly fly solo. The reason for this is simple: Batman will always come first and bringing someone into his life is a major risk.

This is all about to change with Batman #50, which will feature holy batrimony between the Caped Crusader and Catwoman. Throughout his run on the series, writer Tom King has given us a different, perhaps more mature, take on Batman. We’ve seen how he’s finally realised his mortality and wants to share his life with someone.

Batman and Catwoman Marriage

It’s fitting that it’s Selina Kyle who stole the grumpy Bat’s heart. There have been many loves in Bruce’s life, but none as poignant or befitting as his dalliance with Catwoman.

From a supervillain to superhero, Selina has undergone a complicated but fascinating character transformation in DC Comics. She might’ve started out as a thief – a habit she’s never quite kicked to the curb – but she’s shown how there’s so much more to her than meets the eye.

Bruce and Selina have shared so much over the decades, and this is the natural progression to their relationship. After the events of “The Button”, Thomas Wayne’s words brought clarity to his son. He doesn’t need to sacrifice everything in his life. He can be happy, if he allows himself to be.

Batman and Catwoman Marriage

While many fans are bemoaning the Bat-Cat love storyline taking up too much space in the comic-book run, it’s arguably the most important Batman story in years. It humanises the characters, and shows that they also deserve happiness. After all, Batman has saved Gotham and the world so many times. Isn’t it time that he saves himself from a lonely life, too?

With the Joker’s fate seemingly sealed in Batman #49 (presumably until Geoff Johns’ “Three Jokers” storyline kicks in), it appears as if nothing stands in these two lovebirds’ way. But this is the comic-book world, so there’s bound to be a twist or two on their way to the altar. You can bet on that.

Batman #50 arrives on July 4.

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