Batkid saves city! A touching story

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The city of San Francisco turned itself into Gotham City for the benefit of a 5-year-old boy who has been fighting one of the worst childhood villains: leukemia. With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a good number of volunteers, Miles Scott got a day to remember as the city fulfilled his superhero dream in series of crime-fighting stunts.

Miles’s day began with a message from police chief Greg Suhr, alerting “Batkid” to the various criminal activities and requesting his assistance. Miles was collected by a man dressed as Batman who was driving a Batmobile. With little time to waste, the pair set off to save an unnamed woman who had been tied up on cable car tracks with an explosive device strapped to her back. At least three news helicopters followed the Batman and Batkid cars everywhere they went. Less than half an hour later, Batkid apprehended the Riddler in a downtown bank vault.

Of course, even superheroes need their food, and Batkid and his larger companion took a break for lunch at the Burger Bar. He then set off to save a kidnapped Giants’ mascot, Lou Seal, from The Penguin. Batkid freed the mascot, and got a huge hug as a reward. His next stop was the city hall where the major and thousands of fans awaited him. Among those fans? President Obama. “Way to go Miles. Way to save Gotham.” To chants of ‘Batkid, Batkid, Batkid!’ and the strains of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, five-year-old Batkid Miles Scott stepped down from a stage outside San Francisco’s City Hall with the key to the city and memories to last a lifetime.

Graham Nolan drew this image of Batkid taking on Bane.


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