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Last week saw the official opening of the Bang and Olufsen concept store in the new Mall of Africa, Midrand, Johannesburg.

The event was attended by media, sales partners, and a few well-known guests, with an odd passerby also curious enough to pop in. While it may a relatively small space (in comparison to the larger gadget stores), the concept and layout make for good utilisation of the space, enough to host an event filled with guests. The wide range of speakers and headsets on display give you a sense of prestige, with each product I demoed performing fantastically well.

And that wasn’t even the highlight of the evening. The backroom is setup to reflect the default lounge layout, which also doubles as a bit of a historical exhibition of sorts. On display here is the impressive 85” Avant 85 TV, which comes with a three-channel stereo audio system, the BeoRemote One universal remote control and direct-type LED with 2D local backlight dimming. The two standout features on the TV is its UHD 4K capabilities, and even more impressive, stand-alone sound. To top it all off, then room was also equipped with a set of BeoLab 90 speakers, which boosts 8,200 watts. The unit is fitted with 18 speaker drivers, each with their own custom-designed amplifier, producing 360° sound. It also stands 1.23m tall, and with all the bells and whistles added to its internals, weighs 137KG.

If you’re ever passing by the Mall of Africa, be sure to experience Bang and Olufsen’s range of audio products at their newly launched concept store, you’ll be amazed at the design and quality.

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