Bad Piggies Cookbook

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If you thought Rovio were all about making games and selling related merchandise…you’d be pretty spot on actually. Expanding their merchandise to beyond simple toys, t-shirts and sandals Rovio have released a cookbook alongside the release of the very popular Bad Piggies game. The cookbook features 40 “top-secret” egg (most likely from those stolen from the Angry Birds) recipes ranging from scrambled eggs and omelettes to Eggs Benedict and quiche.

“Be a pig for a day, no worries in the world, no Angry Birds trying to knock you down. The kitchen is your pigpen and life’s good! So go ‘head, crack an egg or two and fling your awesome self to new levels of egg-cellence with these easy and fuss-free (for the most part) recipes, addictively fun activities and impressive party moves. From the classics to off the wall, these top-secret egg recipes will fill your tummy and tickle your brain!”

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