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When the evening greets you in the form of celebrated comedian James Costello, dressed as a nun (to promote his sold out production Sister Mary James), you know you are in for a treat! It’s hard to believe that this event started from a casual weekly gathering of friends watching bad movies at Luke Apteker’s place. His love for watching bad movies doesn’t come without its fair share of funny tales either. Apteker recalls eventful evenings, and apologies to neighbours, before finally deciding to take the gathering public. He is joined by venue hosts and co-originators, Scott Morris and David Lawrence, for the official launch of Bad Movie Nights. With everyone always focusing on the best, or majorly produced content, why not show something that’s really bad?

bad movie night troll 2

With a small cover charge of only R20, you get to enjoy the best of the worst movies at the bi-monthly event at It’s A House, surrounded by great company and the smell of fresh popcorn. All the money made at the door goes to charity, with almost R2000 raised for DARG on the opening night. They encouraged the audience to bring donations in the form of non-spoil food (for man and animal), blankets and clothes.

Costello got the ball rolling by playing a good round of Q&A about the horrific flop that is Troll 2 (one of the lowest rated films on IMDB). For every correct or clever answer he awarded a prize on the house. Before the movie started, just to spice things up, Costello was handed a list of 5 things people have to look out for during the movie. With every spot a specific action followed. This proved to be a hit among the crowd.

Troll 2

Apart from the awesome venue (that has swings!), the evening is made a success by the interaction from the awesome crowd, all sparked from a bad movie. In short Troll 2, takes place in a town called Nilbog (that’s goblin backwards) and has nothing to do with trolls. The goblins pose as humans feeding tourists meat-free meals, covered in green goo. The goo turns them into odd plant things, or more green goo. The Goblins are defeated by a double-decker polony sandwich, handed to young Joshua by his dead grandfather. Oh… and the power of good against the Stonehenge stone…

bad movie night

Everyone in the crowd partakes in narration, shouting out what they think will happen next, in hopes of trying to match the terrible script. There is a lot of laughter and fun to be had at Bad Movie Night, where total strangers become friends, all thanks to a bad movie. It’s a must attend for anyone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and are keen to be part of something whimsical.

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