Bad Attempts at Movie Board Games – The worst of the worst

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Bad Attempts at Movie Board Games - The worst of the worst

We all love a good board game. Whether you are playing Battleship, Mouse Trap, Kerplunk or Cluedo, there is nothing better than spending a night in with one from the back of cupboard. Let’s have a look as some of those that are best left forgotten movie board games.

The good board games and card games have even been made available to play on the internet, from those on partypoker, to free versions of Monopoly. Which means board game love never dies. However, for every classic board game, there will always be a duff one. Many of these are actually based on movie franchises.

jurassic park board game

Jurassic Park

You have one objective: get to the Visitor Center on the Jurassic Park island, aided by the cards that re-stock your supplies in certain areas. The trouble is it’s just a flat surface with a picture of an island. Maybe if it popped up it would have been more fun?

waterworld board game


This is a very simplistic game. The idea is to be the first to discover dry land, which you do by collecting cards (guns, rope etc). But then you have to destroy something or other to get the compass and … yeah, we’re not entirely sure why they thought this game would be fun either. It’s basically a blue board with some numbered dots and lines on it.

Harry Potter and the Stone Mystery at Hogwarts board game

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Mystery at Hogwarts Game

Okay, in all honesty, this isn’t a bad game. It’s basically Cluedo but with Harry Potter themes, so of course it would work. It’s the fact that it’s a blatant rip-off of a classic that brings it down in our estimation. You may as well play the original game. If you do play it, make sure you have at least 3 – 4 players. It’s less fun otherwise.

Do you know of any other bad attempts at movie board games? Let us know in the comments.

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