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Baboon Infestation

Last weekend, a friend and fellow film-maker Howard Fyvie filmed himself chasing baboons around a house in Betty’s Bay in an attempt to get the critters out and prevent any further damage. Two days later he uploaded the video to Youtube and within a few days the video (titled Baboon Infestation) had received thousands of views and several people were re-uploading it onto their own channels and claiming it as their own.

Within minutes, Howard was receiving phone calls from Los Angeles and emails from all around the world from people asking to either buy the rights to the footage or get permission to use it for different reasons.

Howard sold the footage to one of the companies who immediately went to work, cracking down on ‘illegal’ uploads of it. Within the next 24 hours, they had removed the footage off approximately 30 other YouTube Channels. They have then since uploaded to footage onto two of their own channels.

Over the next few days the footage was found on literally hundreds of blogs, website, news reports and in this link: you can find an interview with Howard and myself. The guys at RightThisMinute called Howard while he happened to be at my house celebrating all of this, and asked to interview him over Skype. Although I was not involved in the incident itself, you will see me sitting next to Howard, smiling and not saying a word – simply referred to as ‘Buddy of Baboon Filmer’.

At the time of writing this article, the video has just under 100 000 views on Howard’s official channel, over 130 000 views on AmazingLife247’s channel and around 20 000 views on JukinVideo’s channel. The clip also did decent business on as well as where over 700 comments can be found either praising Howard, or calling him a complete idiot.

If you have yet to experience the madness, please check out the full original video below as well as the bizarre response from a dude called SGT Gas Mask.

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