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Firstly, it was great to see so many new faces at the Reader’s Den Heroclix Open Day. From what I understand, this will be happening on a more regular basis. I attended the event right after taking part in Fear Itself Organised Play. For those guys and girls who are new to the game and think that they are not ready to jump into Fear Itself fear not, a great AVX Organised Play is on the way.

The great part for a beginner and a regular player is the fact that the entry fee for this competition is so cheap. All you have to do is buy an Avengers or an X-Men starter pack. Each starter will contain 6 Heroclix, 3 tokens, a set of themed die and a brand new rule book. The stipulation is that you need to play a character from this starter on your team at each of the four monthly tournaments. So a once off fee is a small price to pay for the amount of fun to be had on the day. Oh, and when it comes to prizes WizKids did not hold back!

Winners will receive prize pieces that represent the faction they chose at the beginning of the Organised Play Event. Pick Avengers and get Avenger prizes. I know who I am choosing and that would be the team that gets me the Cable Heroclix prize! Participation prizes will be given to each player at the event. They will receive a fragment of the Phoenix Force sculpt. In the 4th month players will also receive team bases for the faction that they are affiliated with. And the overall Grand Prize is a colossal Phoenix Force Cyclops (and this figure will be scaling in height!). Winning!

What I like about this Organised Play (OP) Event is that it will most likely give players the opportunity to use the Heroclix that they obtain from the Wolverine and the X-men set, which will hit our shores and stores next week according to online store Digital Sushi and the official distributor, Sky Castle Games. This set just happens to have Phoenix Force Chase pieces… hmm, coincidence much? Also, with The Invincible Ironman Heroclix releasing in November, I am sure we will see some more Avengers that can be introduced into the AVX Organised Play which kicks off in December. I am glad to see that WizKids are looking out for the consumer on this one.

With the AVX OP being more affordable and shorter in duration, I hope to see some new faces at this monthly event. There is still time to get used to the game, but the Heroclix community is a welcoming one that will help you practice until you become perfect. But the question is which team will you choose? Will you be an Avenger or a member of the X-men? For more information visit www.heroclix.com or even better, why not give our local forum a try at www.geekout.co.za.


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