This Avengers Vs. X-Men Fan Trailer Needs To Be Real

Avengers vs. X-Men
Avengers Fan Film Trailer X-Men
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For years, fans have been begging Fox to give the X-Men rights back to Marvel. With the properties back, we’ll finally be able to get something like Avengers vs. X-Men made. For those who can’t wait, Screen Rant has created a sweet fan-made trailer to get you excited in the meantime.

This supercut includes all the X-Men movies, Avengers movies, Spider-Man movies and even some of Deadpool. Enjoy!

The X-Men and The Avengers are both super powered teams, but what would happen in the characters from their respective movie universes were to face off in an ultimate battle? Who would reign supreme as Marvel’s truly most powerful team? Our supercut trailer gives an exclusive look and what this might just look like!

When it comes to their favorite superheroes, comic book fans often posit the question, “Who would win in a fight between so-and-so and such-and-such?” Most of the time, those questions get answered in some shape or form via the brightly colored pages of their favorite comic books. Wolverine vs. Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four vs. X-Men, Defenders vs. The Avengers and of course, The Hulk vs. Everybody – these are all battles that have occurred at one time in various Marvel titles.

Bring on Avengers vs. X-Men!!!


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