Siba is a 19-year-old South African guy who loves alternative music and all forms of creativity and expression.

Written by Siba Holani

Superbalist is Rocking the Daises (SxRTD2016)

This year’s Superbalist is Rocking the Daises really rocked our socks off with a massive set of 250 acts, of which were two major international sensations: Mac Miller and Foster
By Siba Holani on 14 Oct 2016

Spilt Milk’s 1st Year Celebration

Is there a greater way to spend a weekend than partying it up at one of South Africa’s biggest Techno events? I attended Spilt Milk’s 1st year celebration which was set
By Siba Holani on 15 Sep 2016

Defending Bieber’s Dreads

If you haven’t seen it on social media or in the tabloids lately, Justin Bieber has now adjusted his long blonde hair into short thin dreadlocks; and some people are
By Siba Holani on 06 Apr 2016