A woman of many names but just one personality, thankfully. Xena currently works at CVC Media as an audio content presenter and producer. She has a background in musical theatre, screen acting and radio presenting with a National Diploma from TUT and a degree from AFDA Joburg.

Written by Sarah Xena Lee

Standing Up Review

One would think it unusual that a story about two geeky kids getting cruelly pranked would be so beautiful. It is unusual and it is beautiful. “Sometimes popular kids can
By Sarah Xena Lee on 24 Sep 2014

The Frozen Ground Review

17 women murdered, 30 women abducted and raped, 461 years plus life, 17 grave sites and the longest search in Alaskan history. It sounds like a crime that could have
By Sarah Xena Lee on 24 Sep 2014

Vampire Academy Review

A certain kind of appreciation needs to be given to a bad movie that wins the hearts of fans. It is like that seemingly horrible animation, that tedious and repetitive
By Sarah Xena Lee on 17 Aug 2014

A Winter’s Tale Review

What is perceived as and somewhat promised to be, the newest edition to your personal collection of timeless period romance films, even perhaps a future cult classic, is a most
By Sarah Xena Lee on 17 Aug 2014

What Maisie Knew Review

When you read the blurb and it states “this is a movie about a child going through a divorce” it’s an immediate turn off. Unless you are actually curious, or
By Sarah Xena Lee on 22 May 2014

Paradise Review

Girl is beautiful, happy and faithful. Girl has accident. Girl doesn’t feel beautiful or happy. Girl swears off God and rebels. Girl changes her mind. The end. Paradise, also known
By Sarah Xena Lee on 22 May 2014

Nobody Walks Review

Some movies are emotionally complex. This movie is just a glorified soap opera. 23-year-old Martine (Olivia Thirlby) moves into sound engineer Peter (John Krasinski) and his wife Julie’s (Rosemarie DeWitt)
By Sarah Xena Lee on 22 May 2014

12 Years a Slave Review

When you calculate it, approximately 11 million Africans were forcibly removed from their continent and homeland, shipped off to be slaves of other countries under the most horrid conditions. Thousands
By Sarah Xena Lee on 19 May 2014

Justin Bieber’s Believe Review

Justin Bieber’s sequel to Never Say Never, is surely the worst rated film on IMDB. Its meagre score of 1.5 would deter any viewer who was about to pay money
By Sarah Xena Lee on 19 May 2014

Noah: Ila’s story Review

Warning: when the book cover says “based on a screenplay”, it means it. Ila, a wounded orphan, is the soul survivor of a vicious raid in an ancient and desolate
By Sarah Xena Lee on 08 May 2014

Noah: The Official Movie Novelization Review

Whenever a book is retold in the medium of film, bookworms around the world have a knee-jerk reaction of protest, proposing that no film could ever replace their beloved book.
By Sarah Xena Lee on 07 May 2014

The Top 10 Most Random Musical Theatre Songs

Most people would say that it takes a ‘special sort of person’ to appreciate a musical theatre production, they would also probably describe these ‘special’ people as weirdoes, queens and
By Sarah Xena Lee on 24 Apr 2014