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T.I. – Trouble Man Heavy Is the Head

Trouble Man Heavy Is the Head is T.I.’s eight album and features masters Ceelo Green and Andre 3000. With such impeccable talents on board does it deliver? Misdemeanour and T.I.’s penchant for strife constitute the album’s main themes. ‘The Introduction’ samples Marvin Gaye’s ‘Trouble Man but the soulful tones of Gaye are more interesting than 

Olly Murs

Olly Murs – Right Time Right Place

They say third time’s the charm but on Oly Murs’ third album ‘Right Time Right Place’ such idioms don’t hold true. The album opens with ‘Army of Two’. Murs sings directly to his fans, with the lyrics envisioning them as an army and Olly their general who declares… ‘Just follow my lead, repeat after me, 


Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox

Pop’s most promising male artist stretches himself on his second studio album. Mars is talented and his music is not as formulaic as can be found in this washed up genre. ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ is as the title suggests, a mix bag of songs cross pollinating funk, reggae and pop. The first tune, ‘Young Girls’ has 


ASAP Rocky – Long. Live. ASAP

Harlem native, Rakim Mayers aka ASAP Rocky, is a former drug peddler turned pro rapper. The New Yorker’s debut album, ‘Long Live ASAP’ is being lauded and Rocky’s star has risen considerably in the hip hop world. On the opening track, ‘Long Live ASAP’, his dry, weighty and slow paced delivery compliments the spooky production. 

free comic book day

Readers Den’s Free Comic Book Day

It was a cold Saturday morning on May the 4th but the chill could not keep fans and supporters of Free Comic Book Day away. Stadium on Main in Claremont was packed before nine o clock, with throngs of comic book lovers standing in lines for comics and graphic novels. Eyes were darting up and 

The Superior Spiderman

The Superior Spider-man #2

It is still a bit weird to conceive of Doc Ock as Peter Parker/Spider-man but The Superior Spider-man #2 makes the concept more palatable. Octavius seems to have tempered himself slightly and tries to walk in Peter’s shoes more sincerely. Number two deals mostly with Otto’s attempts to woo Mary Jane. Some might say why 

Metallica-Bellville Velodrome - Header

Metallica: Live at the Bellville Velodrome

When Big Concerts announced that the Metallica gig would change venue from Cape Town Stadium to the Bellville Velodrome, fans were concerned, some even upset. Speculation was rife that ticket sales were low, the weather would be bad, or was it, as the promoter had claimed, “the band wanted a more intimate venue?” All of 

oblivion movie review


By now most critics have seen Oblivion and hordes of them are lukewarm about it. Words like pastiche, mish mash and rehash are thrown around to deride it. Some lament that it is a weak composite of older classics like, ‘The Matrix’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Planet of the Apes’, ‘Wall-E’, and ‘Total Recall’, for better or 

The Lil Five and the Secret of the Black Cave

The Lil’ Five and the Secret of the Black Cave

Local illustration and design group, They Did This! are one of the few comic creators in the country and with the odds stacked against them, these guys have managed to garner a bit of attention in our small pond. The Lil’ Five is a play on Africa’s Big Five and is an ongoing title featuring 


Chevelle – Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favourites

Between Linkin Park, Incubus and all the other nu metal and post grunge alternative bands, Chevelle carved out a spot for themselves in the hard rock world. To commemorate their success the band released this greatest hits collection. It consists of all their hits but sadly for fans it features only one new track, ‘Fizgig’. 

Jackie Evancho Music of the Movies

Jackie Evancho’s Music of the Movies DVD

Cross over artist and America’s Got Talent runner up takes you to the movies with some of her favourite songs from cinema in Jackie Evancho’s Music of the Movies. This songbird is one of pop’s brightest stars, with one foot in the mainstream and the other firmly in the classical realm. After appearing on the 


The Superior Spider-Man #1

The Superior Spider-Man is a real effort on Marvel’s part to shake things up for 2013. I don’t know how, but I am still in the fight! I AM Peter Parker, and I swear I’ll find a way BACK!!! After Otto’s near death experience, he enters Peter Parker’s body and takes over his mind. With 

Lee Bermejo batman noel

Batman: Noël

Lee Bermejo takes on the dual role of writer and artist for the first time in this classic adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’. The villainous and crusty Scrooge is reimagined as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Past, present and future are aptly represented by Catwoman, Superman and the Joker, respectively in Batman: Noël. For 


Pitbull – Global Warming

‘Global Warming’ is part of Pitbull’s plan to stay way high atop of the charts. It is a collaborative brothel, swathed in hook ups featuring Usher ,Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera and Akon to name a few. What does one say or do when the title track samples ‘Macarena’? This album is genetically engineered to appeal 


Katy Perry – Part of Me

‘Part of Me’ is a chronicle of Katy’s ‘Teenage Dream Tour’. It is split between concert footage and behind the scenes material that reveals aspects of the starling’s personal life. The film also touches on Katy’s doomed marriage with Russell Brand showing how the pressures of their careers added to the demise of their relationship. 


Catch .44

A lot can be said about how bad this drug tale is, but in keeping things succinct I will only raise a few problems. The most obvious accusation is that it is a poor Quentin Tarantino rip-off. The movie stylises itself on Tarantino’s material, with long drawn out dialogue scenes and a crazy non-linear narrative. 


AC/DC – Live at Riverplate

Australian rockers, AC/DC return with their second live album and first in twenty years. Rock acts find fertile soil in South America and AC/DC always receive a rousing welcome when they go there. The band and their music is tailor made for a gargantuan stadium like Riverplate in Argentina and it is fitting to release 

Céline Dion Sans Attendre

Celine Dion – Sans Attendre

After five years off the grid Canadian superstar Celine Dion returns with a new French album. ‘Sans Attendre’ (without meaning) is not a big hit album and the French connection might alienate certain markets but for die-hard Dion fans and casual listeners it should be a pleasant album with ample charm and panache. The opening 


Aerosmith – Music from another Dimension!

Has it been more than ten years since an Aerosmith album? How time flies. During the last decade Aerosmith have proved more than ever that they are the prototypical dysfunctional rock band. The band has been in limbo for the last couple of years but against all odds they reconvened and managed to spew out, 


Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre is Evil

‘Theatre is Evil’ is quite an ambitious work for an indie artist. Palmer raised over a million dollars via Kickstarter to record it and perhaps that sort of money allowed her to play around in the studio much longer. The album sprawls across punk, rock, pop and new wave whilst indulging her cabaret fantasies all