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Celine Dion – Loved Me Back To Life Review

Celine Dion has made a strong return with ‘Loved Me Back to Life’. This is her first English language album since 2007 and her eleventh English album overall. Surprisingly, the album is slanted toward r&b and soul, a major change

Linkin Park – Recharged Review

Recharged is Linkin Park’s second remix album the other being Reanimation. This time around the band decided to jump on the dubstep and EDM wagon and fiddle with songs off their last album, ‘Living Things’. Guest artists on the album

Killing Them Softly Review

‘Killing Them Softly’ stars Brad Pitt as Jackie Cogan, an enforcer employed by the mafia to restore confidence in the underground gambling trade after two robberies destabilize their illicit activities. The first heist was organised by Markie (Ray Liotta) the

The Way Way Back Review

‘The Way Way Back’ is a coming of age comedy drama. Written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, screenwriters on the George Clooney film, ‘The Descendants’. Like ‘The Descendants’ ‘The Way Way Back’ unfolds in the context of

Michael Bublé – To Be Loved Review

Doing covers of pop and jazz classics works well for Bublé but the danger in not having his own classics, may be that as time progresses his memory will fade into obscurity. Later generations, when looking back at big band

The Fifth Beatle Review

If you are a serious Beatles aficionado then the title ‘The Fifth Beatle’ will be a point of contention for you. As a fan you either fall into one of two camps, those who will agree with Paul McCartney and

Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough Review

The Brits seem to be flying the neo soul flag. If Lauren Hill and Erykah Badu have let the soul baton fall then La Havas attempts to pick it up again, if Alicia Keys has not done so already. La

The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars Review

Indie, country and folk group The Civil Wars have released their second eponymous album to much acclaim, despite the fact that the duo consisting of Joy Williams and John Paul White seem to not be on speaking terms. What is

Rocking the Daisies 3-6 October 2013

Rocking the Daises was a success once again. Though I have not been to festivals overseas I have a hunch that Daisies ranks up there with the best. The festival had a pleasant variety of musical acts ranging from rock,

The Great Gatsby

The real staple food of the Cape is undoubtedly the gatsby. Originally this whale sized meal consisted of hot chips and polony but over time and to great acclaim, chicken, fish and steak was stuffed into a large French or