Lerato Angela Mareletse- better known as Larry, Leray, Lerayray, Ray and Lee - is currently pursing her BA degree in Communication Sciences at UNISA. She is a lady of many passions some of which include people, food, travel and fashion. A lover of life in general, she hopes to better and enrich the lives of everyone or one person at the very least.

Written by Lerato A. Mareletse

June 16 2016 Still Resonates with Sarafina!

Contrary to popular belief, June 16 is not about playing dress up in a school uniform (especially not a slutty one), going to what seems to be the hottest party,
By Lerato A. Mareletse on 17 Jun 2016

Creed Review

The much-anticipated spinoff to Rocky is everything you expected with some bolo punches you just won’t see coming. Michael B. Jordan is the star of this motion who plays Adonis
By Lerato A. Mareletse on 03 Dec 2015

Between Friends Review

A South African film that isn’t about our short comings but rather our normality as a nation; Between Friends is a breath of fresh air that is perfect to watch
By Lerato A. Mareletse on 25 Aug 2014

Serenade Review

Sirenia – king Neptune’s youngest daughter of six – is a free spirit who yearns for nothing more than adventure and the liberty that comes with it. Her whole life
By Lerato A. Mareletse on 28 Jul 2014