Graham started out as an electronics manager at Take2 Home Entertainment and went on to spend a further ten years in the South African ecommerce industry. During this time, Graham founded and managed an online geek and hobby shop. He has always had a passion for writing and has contributed to a number of geek publications. When not writing short fiction, Graham can be found playing video games and reading comics.

Written by Graham van der Made

Speedlink Virtuis Keyboard Reivew

Relatively unknown within the South African market, Speedlink has started to make a splash with its lower-priced gaming peripherals. These consist on keyboards, controllers, and mice. I’ve had some time
By Graham van der Made on 14 May 2015

Doctor Who: Deep Breath Review

Since its 2005 revival, we’ve been treated to five new doctors in the Doctor Who series. The latest series, aired in 2014, introduced us to the latest incarnation played by
By Graham van der Made on 05 May 2015