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As an actress, voice artist and all round performer, favouring the alternative, I'm basically a chameleon by trade.

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Bypass – A South African Film That Cuts Deep

On the 11 May, we attended the special premiere evening of local film Bypass, the movie that has everyone talking due to its controversial marketing. All the way down the
By Christine Tesco on 15 May 2017

Everybody Wants Some – Movie Review

Linklater channels his mischievous youth days as source material in his latest varsity film, Everybody Wants Some. In short, it’s about students making the most of the last few days
By Christine Tesco on 12 Dec 2016

Touched with Fire – Movie Review

Bipolar director Paulo Dalio aims to break the disorder-stigma as a poetic gift through the imaginary cosmos of a fractured mind that longs to paint with words in a manic
By Christine Tesco on 05 Dec 2016

A Bigger Splash – Movie Review

Lingering danger is ever present in this promiscuous splash pool. As remake of the 1969 drama La Piscine, A Bigger Splash sticks to the same plot, with a few minor
By Christine Tesco on 02 Dec 2016

Queen Of The Desert – Movie Review

Queen Of The Desert is a, dare I say it, questionably dull take on a celebrated woman. Gertrude Bell (Nicole Kidman) was a fierce intellectual who felt stifled by her
By Christine Tesco on 09 Nov 2016

Doctor Strange – Movie Review

“Forget everything you think you know” and prepare yourself for a trippy kaleidoscope ride in Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Spoiler Free When an egotistical acclaimed neurosurgeon loses the ability to use
By Christine Tesco on 01 Nov 2016

Snaaks Genoeg – Movie Review

Snaaks Genoeg is surprisingly relaxed, considering its large comedic cast. Much like old Tolla Van Der Merwe use to do with his narrative jokes, the audience is told a story,
By Christine Tesco on 21 Oct 2016

Demolition (2nd Opinion) – Movie Review

Demolition is an almost humorous demonstration of the shuddering realisation of one’s own numbness. In the midst of habitually repeating what his wife says, as a means to pretend like
By Christine Tesco on 17 Oct 2016

Spotlight – Movie Review

Spotlight is based on the true publication made by one of America’s oldest local newspapers on child sexual assault. The notorious Boston Globe newspaper faces further possible staff cuts as
By Christine Tesco on 01 Aug 2016

Trumbo – Movie Review

“The blacklist was a time of evil and that no one on either side who survived it came through untouched by evil,” Trumbo states in an acceptance speech looking upon
By Christine Tesco on 30 Jul 2016

The Jakes Are Missing – Movie Review

“Falling out of love is easy. Finding the way back is hard,” reads the slogan of The Jakes Are Missing. In this case, however, the Jakes just needed to step
By Christine Tesco on 10 Jun 2016

The Homesman – MovieReview

Based on the 1988 novel by Glendon Swarthout, The Homesman is Tommy Lee Jones’ second directorial feature. It’s a timely story choice, as the role of women and gender roles, in
By Christine Tesco on 07 May 2016

Misheard Disney Lyrics

Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL made this mistake. We sing along thinking we know the words and, although some just don’t make any sense, we don’t dare question Disney. It’s
By Christine Tesco on 05 Apr 2016