Atari Working On A New Console After Almost 27 Years

It’s been quite some time since Atari released a gaming console, the last being the Atari Jaguar almost 24 years ago. Now a newly released teaser video has revealed that the company is re-entering the gaming console market.

The Atari teaser video, which doesn’t really reveal much, refers to what could be the new console’s name, the Ataribox.

The news that the company is working on a new gaming console was confirmed by CEO Fred Chesnais in an interview with GamesBeat at E3 2017. Chesnais was not willing to reveal what exactly the Ataribox would be but did mention that the company was “back in the hardware business”. In addition, he confirmed that the console would be based on PC technology, that they were still working on the design and that the company would be revealing it at a later date.
According to Chesnais, Atari’s revival was well under way with the company becoming profitable enough to once again considering entering the console market.

Atari’s new console would need to compete against the three well-established giants of the console industry, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The question is, will the Ataribox be able to differentiate itself in a market that many feel is already a bit crowded?

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