The Ataribox Looks Fittingly Retro Yet Sleek

While we all knew that Atari was working on a new console, no one was quite sure where it would fit into the current console market. Would it allow us to play some of the current games out there or would it focus instead on more classic titles? Atari has finally begun to answer some of these questions, while also revealing what the console will look like.

The Ataribox Looks Fittingly Retro Yet Sleek

The latest images of the Atari console, dubbed the Ataribox, shows a surprisingly sleek yet retro console. Design wise, Atari seems to be focusing on appealing to both the old and new Atari fans, which could be a really smart move. Along with images showing off the design of the console, Atari also confirmed that the company wants to bring both current and classic gaming titles to the console.

In a newsletter to fans, Atari reiterated the fact that they want to stay true to the heritage of the brand.

“Our objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.”

Keeping this in mind, the electronic entertainment company plans to release two versions of the Ataribox, a more modern red/black version and a wood grain finished version which is a throwback to the more classic Atari look. Both of these consoles will have ribs that flow seamlessly around the console’s body. The front will sport indicators lights that will glow through the front panel and have an array of ports at the back including, HDMI, USB, and SD. The more modern collection of ports again suggests that the console will be able to run more contemporary games along with the planned classic library.

The Ataribox Looks Fittingly Retro Yet Sleek

The SD slot could allude a move to more digital content than physical with the SD cards possibly being used as a way to store downloaded content. This could also hint at a console that will be more focused on smaller/indie titles than the current array of consoles out there. This, in turn, might mean a cheaper console as the hardware would not need to be able to run the resource heavy triple A titles that have become so numerous over the years. Hopefully, Atari reveals more about their mysterious console in the coming months.

So what do you think, is the Ataribox a console you might purchase?

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