ASUS SA Launches New Gaming Laptops At #WeWillROGYou Event

ASUS South Africa invited South Africa’s leading tech and gaming media to their #WeWillROGYou event at Sally Mustang, Johannesburg, which was hosted by Pippa Tshabalala, to launch their latest range of ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) offerings. The launch included five new gaming laptops, which promise to level up the gaming experience in more ways than one.

ASUS SA Launches New Gaming Laptops At #WeWillROGYou Event

ROG G703

The ROG G703 is a powerful laptop that is capable of taking on some of the strongest desktop rigs, with a factory-overclocked 8th-gen Intel® Core™ i9 CPU, along with an overclockable NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080. The laptop is able to easily push your favourite games on ultra-settings without compromising on performance. The unit also includes a HyperDrive Extreme storage, combining three NVMe PCI Express® SSDs in Raid 0 configuration, producing read speeds of up to 8700MBps.

ROG Zephyrus

The ROG Zephyrus is a unit built for hardcore gamers and boasts the title of the world’s slimmest gaming laptop, powered by up to an 8th Generation Intel® Core™. ASUS managed to squeeze all the required gaming tech into a body with an unbelievable 16.9-17.9mm thickness. The unit also sports a powerful cooling system, which delivers unbeatable acoustic efficiency thanks to the new Active Aerodynamic airflow system.

ASUS SA Launches New Gaming Laptops At #WeWillROGYou Event

ROG Zephyrus M

The Zephyrus M delivers big performance in a small package and is powered by an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 graphics card. The unit makes a perfect fit for e-Sporters and travellers alike. One of the key standouts is its IPS-level display and lightning-fast 144Hz refresh rate and an extended battery life thanks to the Optimus power-saving mode.

ROG Strix Hero Edition

The ROG Strix Hero Edition is built as a multiplayer unit, RPG, and RTS battles, and further optimized for esports gaming. The laptop comes equipped with a desktop-style Aura Sync-enabled keyboard and a 20-million-key-press lifespan.

ROG Strix SCAR Edition

The ROG Strix SCAR Edition was designed specifically for domination in the FPS arena, and sports an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 CPU and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 10-Series graphics. The unit also includes an IPS-level display, which features a 144Hz refresh rate, 3ms response time, and NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology. It will be available exclusively at Evetech.

ASUS SA Launches New Gaming Laptops At #WeWillROGYou Event

To end off the evening, ASUS announced their partnership with Mettlestate for the e-Sports tournament, ASUS Republic of Gamers: DOTA2, which is set to kick off in July with registration starting in June.

At an exclusive event held at Sally Mustang, a select group of South Africa’s tech and gaming media were treated to a showcase of new ASUS ROG offerings, in the form of 5 new gaming laptops that promise to level up the gaming experience. Hosted by Pippa Tshabalala, the launch event challenged even the most hardcore gamers, putting their tech knowledge to the test, and rewarded the most knowledgeable team with awesome ASUS prizes. 💻🎧🖱️ . On behalf of @fortresszar 📸 . #WeWillROGYou #Asus #SallyMustang #RepublicOfGamers #ROG #ASUSROG #Pippa #SouthAfrica #Mzansi #AsusSouthAfrica #Zephyrus #G703 #Strix #NVIDIA #Intel #eSport #eSports #corei9 #gaming #tech #technology #event #launchevent #happy #love #instagood #instadaily #instalike #instagram #picoftheday . @asus @asus_za @asusrog

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