ASUS on Fortunes Worlds Most Admired Companies List

ASUS ranks 4th in the computer category on the Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list

This year, ASUS, a leader in new technology and high-end electronic products, has managed to climb to 4th place on the Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list. Listed under the Computer Industry category, they proceeded to rank two places higher than their 6th place acquired in 2015.

Following the likes of Apple and the Lenovo Group, ASUS has set a new bar for their company and is competing with some of the leading tech companies in the world.

The Fortune’s list ranks companies based on 9 alternative criteria, which includes innovation, people management and social responsibility. All the criteria are judged on a scale – the lower the score, the higher the ranking. ASUS has managed to rank highest for innovation and use of corporate assets of all the criteria, which gave them the push needed to obtain the 4th position.

Fortune’s partners at Korn Ferry Hay Group started the survey with approximately 1,500 companies. They then selected the 15 largest for each international industry and the 10 largest for each U.S. industry, surveying a total of 652 companies from 30 countries. This places ASUS at the top of the computer industry list among hundreds of global companies.

This Taiwan-based company has been climbing the ladder in the tech industry, producing some of the most high-end computer products in the world. They manufacture laptops, tablet computers, desktop computers, mobile phones and a range of internal and external computer components specifically designed for the modern, digital home.

Starting out as a small company consisting of four employees that manufactures motherboards, ASUS has grown tremendously to become the largest tech company in Taiwan who employs over 11,000 people from around the world.
Some of their most recent successes include the ASUS ZenBook series. The ZenBook series offers powerful performance at a super-high-res display. This series is just a fragment of the innovation and inspiration that pulled ASUS to the topmost ranks of the computer industry.

Maybe it is their legendary ‘winning formula’ that helps them excel at such a fast pace. ASUS has generated an in-depth understanding of today’s digital home, digital office and digital person. They have created products that can be seen as firsts in the digital era, such as the introduction of the ground-breaking Eee PC™, the ingenious use of renewable materials like leather and bamboo in notebooks and the incorporation of its proprietary power saving Super Hybrid Engine technology into its notebooks and motherboards.

Ranking the Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list, is a big milestone for ASUS. From here, moving up is the only logical option and the company will need to rub shoulders with big contenders whilst enjoying the view from the top.

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