The executive producer of the Assassin’s Creed movie has revealed that the film might not be spending as much time in the past as many fans were hoping for.

Assassin's Creed

While speaking to IGN, Pat Crowley, the executive producer acknowledged that the Assassin’s Creed movie would be spending about 65% in the present and 35% in the past. Not only is this a shift from the narrative usually followed in the games, which tend to spend more time in the past, but it is also a little disappointing as what we have seen of the 15th-century Spanish setting has really had a lot of people excited for the film.

Michael Fassbender may have an answer for why so much time will be spent in the present. While talking to IGN he had the following to say:

“There are certain things that we absolutely want to respect in the game, but we also want to bring new elements to the game. This isn’t a video game that we’re making. We’re trying to make a cinematic experience, so there are new things that we have to introduce.”

From what we have been shown in the trailer, both the great fighting sequences and the 15th-century Spanish setting has me excited for the film. Unfortunately, the present day sections have so far been a little bit underwhelming, this has been mostly true for the games as well.

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