Armed Response-Web Series

Armed Response: Web Series

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Break Media has released a new, four part web series created by SXM called Armed Response. The series was written by 24 and Star Wars: Clone Wars writer, Matt Michnovetz, and stars series stars Camille Guatty (Prison Break), James Kyson (Heroes), Wes Chatham (The Unit) and Jason Olazabal (Dexter). The series follows a Homeland Security team that discovers a drug cartel at the Port of Long Beach. The film is shows entirely though the helmet-mounted cameras and security footage, providing unique POV-style action. Armed Response was sponsored by the Hollywood blockbuster, Olympus Has Fallen, which will be released in theatres in a few weeks.

Officers Down: The Call

Hostage Situation: The Tunnel

Rescue Mission: The Decoy

The Great Escape: The Strike

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