Apple Sues for iZombie Trademark

Apple Inc. is no stranger to patent and copyright lawsuits. The California-based tech firm is locked in an endless battle with electronics rival, Samsung, over numerous infringements.

Today, Apple filed suit over the name “iZombie”. The CW TV show adaptation of the popular comic book series has recently aired its third episode. The show launched to widespread acclaim with torrent’ers eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series.

Rob Thomas, the developer of the TV series, expressed shock at the lawsuit. According to Thomas they had already agreed to a deal with Apple “some time ago”. The CW is considering a counter-claim but has yet to make an official statement.


When contacted, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, had this to say about the lawsuit, “We spoke to Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright on several occasions, but negations were dead. We had yet to come to an understanding about the exact nature of the copyright.” When questioned about what iZombie is to Apple, Cook continued, “The product [iZombie] is something we were trying to keep secret from the public. It was to be unveiled at our Spring Event, but I guess the proverbial cat it out of the bag. We found users were unsure about what the do with their deceased loved ones. Our product not only allows the user to reanimate their loved one, but have them run on iOS 9. We have experienced positive results with former CEO, Steve Jobs, in order to help with the company’s direction, but we’re still ironing out a few kinks in the system.”

Tim Cook would not go into detail about what these problems were, but did mention battery issues and spontaneous cannibalism as possible problems.

The issue of price didn’t come up in the interview, but analysts are speculating anywhere from $299 to $9999 USD, depending on what flavours of the product are available at launch. A corpse’s state of decay may factor into the equation as well.

When asked, several members of the public have already expressed interest in the product. One consumer was quoted as saying, “My grandpa should be dead by spring so this is perfect! I can’t wait to Tweet from him.”

There has been no official word on selfie stick compatibility.


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