Apple iPhone’s 5th Birthday (Update: Rise of the iPhone Chart)

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Today, 29th June, marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of the original Apple iPhone. It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago most of us would have settled for a Motorola v360, and the Nokia N73 seemed like an overpriced waste of time. I can even bet that number one selling phone in South Africa at that time was still the Nokia 3310. We owe quite a lot to the original iPhone, and what we expect of touchscreen smartphones today, which started off with around 400MHz of CPU and 2MP camera. And although most of the original design features still remain, there has been loads of progress in terms of its hardware and software.

iPhone 5th Bday - Rise of the iPhone

For the sake of curiosity, I’ve compared the specifications of the original iPhone to that of the current 4S. You can find the full specifications here. No word on any special iTunes offers as yet.

Happy Birthday iPhone!

And for those true “fan boys” that forgot the big day, “Shame on You!”

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