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Apple iPhone 5c vs. Motorola Moto X

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With the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 5c, many have dubbed it as the “budget iPhone,” but in reality, it is far from budget. While there may be many smartphones at the low end of the scale with prices so low you will get five of them for the price of one iPhone 5c, there are a few flagship devices that fall right into the same cost bracket. The assumption then is that the OEM in question may be from an unfamiliar name or lacking the hardware, when in fact it is last month’s hot topic, Google’s own, Motorola Moto X.

Rumours of the Apple iPhone 5s were almost spot on, barring a few minor details. The iPhone 5c, on the other hand, was expected to battle against lower-end smartphones in developing markets, but it’s hard to see how with a reduction of only 16.6% over the iPhone 5. Since it this isn’t the case, it is evident that Apple have gone after the Moto X, in more than just one department. Engadget has compiled a summarised comparison of the two smartphones by means of an illustrative infographic.

It’s very likely that the 5c is merely a means of making the iPhone fresh again, by appealing at a younger market. Many criticised the iPhone 5 as being a longer iPhone 4s, which in turn would mean that the 5s hasn’t changed at all in terms of its design. The 5c changes all this, not simply by being plastic, but rather more vibrant. It’s not hard, then, to anticipate that this may very well be the case and that the 5c may sell more devices to the youth than the 5s. Only time will tell whether it outshines the likes of the Moto X, where Motorola is already poised to produce and ship 100,000 customised units per week going forward.

You can check out a full comparison of the specifications over at GSMArena.

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Note: The size of the iPhone 5c was upscaled for emphasis.

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