Will we see an Avatar sequel in this lifetime? Who knows. But James Cameron has officially announced that ‘Avatar 5’ is happening, with ‘Avatar 2’ set to hit theaters Christmas 2018 (a whole year later than the initial 2017 date).

Yes, that means Avatar will now have four sequels instead of three. These will all be Christmas releases, with Avatar 2 coming in 2018, Avatar 3 coming two years later in 2020, and then Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 arriving back-to-back in 2022 and 2023. We just hope the 61-year old director stays alive to complete the series. He’ll be around 70 by the time the final installment releases.


According to Deadline, The director stated the following:

“We’re making four epic films that stand alone but together to form a saga. These movies were designed to be seen in theaters first. I’ve been working with the top four screenwriters and designers in the world to design the world of Avatar going forward. The environments, new cultures, whatever it takes to bring this to life. From what I’m seeing, the art on the world…in pure imagination beyond the first film…I’m speechless.”

“There’s an important point that needs to be made. There’s always a threat with moviegoing. We answer it by being great and with showmanship. We create things to be great in a movie theater. I want to give exhibition a shout out for keeping the experience sacred. Making the sound better, the chairs comfortable, whatever it takes to get people to get in their cars to go across town. Our jobs as filmmakers to keep making films on screen. we’ll continue to make this industry the greatest show on earth. My producer Jon Landau and are committed to the theater experience. Despite what the folks at the Screening Room say, I think movies need to be offered in the theater on opening day. So boom.”

The first Avatar movie remains the highest grossing film of all time, raking in nearly 3 billion dollars worldwide. Let’s hope Avatar 2 blows us all away.

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  1. Actually, I cannot wait for these sequels! Saw it in 3d, splurged on the extended version, then doubled dipped when the 3d blu ray was released. I’m hoping they find a way to fit in the completed Dreamhunt piece in somewhere…

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