Ankama Releases Tactile Wars for iOS and Android

Ankama Releases Tactile Wars for iOS and Android

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Ankama announces today that its strategy arcade game Tactile Wars is now available from the App Store on iPhone and iPad and from Google Play on Android devices.

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After a successful soft launch in selected countries, the game is now available in the following regions: America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Tactile wars is a totally new IP designed by Ankama (DOFUS: battles 1 and 2), which offers an experience that mixes strategy and arcade elements. In tactile wars, the player is the general of an army of mini-soldier “pigments”, armed with paint guns. The objective of this game is clear: conquer the other players’ territories with colorful blasts of paint, in alliance with other players defending the same color. Players take direct control of their troops via innovative, intuitive multi-touch gameplay and dynamic gestures to create their squad formation according to approaching enemies. The tactical possibilities of the game make for epic, fast-paced battles: infantry, mines, tanks, turrets, mercenary support, troop upgrades, and alliances with other players are all ways to make one’s strategy unbeatable. To make one’s color prevail and to achieve high world rankings, players will have to upgrade their troops by unlocking new technologies thanks to their experience points.

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New features and content have been added in the release version: new flying units, new tanks, traps and tesla towers, new mercenaries, a daily quest system and social features.

The game is accessible to anyone, is free to download and play and is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

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Download the game on the App Store, or on Google Play.

Players can follow the evolution of the game on Facebook or on the official website.

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