Angry Marvel Fanboys Plan Venom Boycott

The first trailer for Sony’s Venom has only just arrived but upset Marvel fans are already conjuring up a plan to overthrow it. While we can all understand fans frustrations with not seeing a glimpse of Tom Hardy’s Venom, the jet-black, toothy symbiote super-villain, or the antagonist in this first teaser trailer, it’s baffling how fans could consider skipping it all together. The reasons behind it all are even more ridiculous.

The boycott, which originated on Deviant Art, reads:

***DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against you if you choose to watch this movie. This isn’t an attack towards you, this is a statement aimed towards Sony.***

Reasons why I will boycott this movie:

1. It’s Sony. They are trying to take away anything from Marvel they can with Spider-Man now. If the Venom movie becomes a success, that means they will get one step closer of taking away Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or any Spider-Man related character they haven’t used yet. In fact, this could even mean we are risking them to take away J. Jonah Jameson from us, as well as Gwen Stacy and/or Mary Jane.

2. Avi Arad and Amy Pascal are the ones who got this movie to get into production. Avi Arad is infamous for ruining Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a lot of production intervention, and he is irrationally obsessed with Venom. Amy Pascal is the crazy idiot responsible for the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, and the upcoming Barbie movie with a strong SJW agenda.

3. Tom Rothman is in charge of the movie division of Sony, and has been ever since 2015. Before that up until 2012, he was the one in charge of the movie division of Fox. Yes, he is the guy responsible for all the bad decisions with the X-Men movies from X-Men 3 and forward. He’s responsible for sowing Deadpool’s mouth shut (literally, it was his own personal demand for that to happen), and he was the one NOT allowing a Deadpool movie to happen (and couldn’t happen until that asshole left). He also never allowed Sentinels to be in the X-Men movies because he doesn’t think people like to see giant robots. Wherever Tom Rothman goes, movies are being ruined.

Venom Movie Poster

4. Again, it’s SONY. They thought it was a good idea to make an Aunt May spin-off movie at one point. And they are going to have Venom be the start of their own Spider-Man universe WITHOUT Spider-Man, separated from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And once again, it’s part of their evil plan to slowly try to take back Spider-Man. And by paying ANY money for this movie, you WILL support them doing that.

Since a trailer will very soon come out of this new Venom movie, I really do urge people to think twice about giving this movie a chance. It might be good in and of itself, I don’t know. But is it worth it to ruin Spider-Man from being allowed to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Venom will be the first spin-off movie in Sony’s proposed Marvel universe, which might or might not feature Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer is directing the R-rated comic book feature and it’s apparent in the trailer that this won’t be anything like the playful Spider-Man: Homecoming from 2017. “Everyone’s got their thing. Maybe it’s a break-up, a death, an accident. Whatever it is you used to be one thing, now you’re something else. We all have our own problems, our own issues, our own demons,” narrates Eddie Brock in the first teaser.

Regardless of whether you are onboard for the boycott, you have’ta admit that Hardy does a much better job than Topher Grace as Venom.

Venom hits theatres on October 6th.

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  1. That’ll show ’em! It’s amazing the amount of whining and bitching and freaking nitpicking over every movie lately. The amount of butthurt is strong with these people. It’s called a teaser for a reason.

    • Deadpoolio

      I love the part about Sony taking Spider-man away from the MCU. Obviously these morons still don’t get that Marvel has zero control over Spider-man unless he’s in an MCU film. Sony has 1000% control over all the solo Spider-man films, they got 100% of the money that Homecoming made. The only other control Marvel got was some say over who got cast as Peter Parker. Sony could wake up tomorrow and say good day sir, were taking back our character and there isn’t anything Marvel could do.

  2. “you didnt give us enough in that TEASER (catch that word its pretty key) trailer this is bullshit!!!! im gonna tell mom!” thats all yall fucking cry babies sound like

  3. Wth? I liked what they did for the TEASER trailer. Maybe they want to do that is because it is not kid friendly as they might want it to be. Not all Marvel films should be light hearted. Not every film is light hearted. Every comedy have their dark moments in the films too. Venom will be a success no matter what these fanboys think.

    • Deadpoolio

      No he doesn’t…..Sony still OWNS the film rights to Spider-man IF they wanted to they could take him back at any time and Marvel could do nothing. Marvel got ZERO dollars from Homecoming, Sony got 1000% of the Homecoming profits. That Aunt May thing was NEVER confirmed, but a bunch of garbage rumors, and even IF they had thought of that at one point its astonishing how many movies studios spend time thinking about then say no….The problem with Ghostbusters was NOT Amy Pascal it was Paul Feig, only the insecure little fanbois are so insecure about hurrrrr womenz gohstbusters……Don’t know what Avi Arad has to do with anything Marvel is NOT in control of anything Sony does with Spider-man solo. They NEVER lost control of Spider-man, the only time they don’t get any money is when he’s in an MCU film.

      All of his points have the intelligence of an autistic monkey, show that Marvel fagbois still don’t actually grasp what the deal was with Sony, even though they made it clear, the fagbois read what they wanted to read. Then they lump it in with garbage trash from the internet cause LMFAO we all know things you read on the internet are always so true and Sony wants to use Venom because these same fucktards cried soooo hard about Venom being in a movie or getting a movie….

  4. It’s just a flipping teaser trailer I’m sure there going to milk the hell out of it wayyyyy before it comes out,so put down the torches and pick forks and get on with your daily lives until the next trailers out

  5. It’s a teaser. I will wait for more.

    Also lot of negativity towards nerds on here. Not all nerds live in their parents basement.

    Also it’s not to much to as that they make a decent movie and not just a cash grab. Remember….once you have watched a movie, if you are not satisfied with the product you can’t get your money back… you kind of have to be critical before you watch the movie…..its fine if some people just want to watch a picture that moves, but some people want a deep, meanignful story they can relate to.

    When they make shitty comic book movies it’s like a burger place being like “oh hey, try this NEW burger we have. It’s a burgerless burger it has the bun, lettuce, sauces, and toppings but it’s it’s our spin on a burger” any one who complained about that would you call them a burger fanboy?

    • I mean. My opinion always gets shit on because I’m in the middle. One side of my friends circle is like “i hate everything and every movie” the other is like ” I love everything about every movie” and I’m just like “the movie wasn’t that bad, 2asnt great, but was t bad. I enjoyed it but so want them to do better”

    • Marc

      I think he’s got good points, though I’ve not confirmed the validity. I have however had similar feelings about the points he did make. Also, the opinion of one is often not just one. What one person says out loud, thousands were in search of the words for.

  6. Rorybore

    Imagine the fkn entitlement to think that your whiny butthurt voice means anything in the grand scheme of things. Toddlers insisting on the blue cup to have their juice because the red just won’t do. Shut up and drink your juice and be thankful you’re not dying of thirst.

  7. Vindicator_01

    With Tom Hardy playing Venom that’s all the reason I need to see this movie. Who cares about petty bullshit. But I guess there’s going to be plenty of douches jumping on one persons little bandwagon. As for myself if rather go see the movie and then decide if it sucks or rocks

  8. Abby

    Omgosh People need to GET A GRIP it is a teaser trailer!!! My gosh..”wahhh if I complain enough I’ll get my way wahhh” …..I’m excited for it! I liked venom in Spider-Man 3. And tom hardy is a good actor.

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