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The guys over at Rovio Entertainment may not have planned their new addition of Angry Birds to coincide with the news that we will be getting a new Star Wars trilogy, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. After playing the game, in which I quickly became engrossed by, I realized that this latest entry will become just as popular, if not more so, as previous chapters of this quirky fun franchise, thanks to the hype that is encompassing the Star Wars franchise.

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Even if this latest exploitation of the Star Wars excitement was an unplanned one, it certainly makes this latest Angry Birds twice the fun. The launch of the latest Angry Birds: Star Wars game on PC, took place at Apex Interactive in North Riding this past Friday. And while the turn out wasn’t that great it certainly didn’t hinder the proceedings.

Angry Birds: Star Wars is the latest entry in this Angry Bird franchise that spans five games now, as well as one spin-off game called Bad Piggies, which looks just as fun.

This latest entry will see you enter into Star Wars folklore as you battle your way through multiple stages, that are all set in the 6 different Star Wars episodes, as you go about battling the Galactic Empire as your favourite Star Wars character, who have been reincarnated as Birds. This game offers more adventures than ever before and more challenging then prior entries, even though you your birds wield special abilities!

That’s right this time around you can either destroy pigs and buildings with the use of a lightsaber, the force or other abilities depending on your which birds you have at your disposal, with a simple click of a button. As members of the press we had a little competition to see who could attain the highest score in one stage in the game and the winner would receive the entire line of Angry Birds games. Sadly I didn’t win, but it certainly showed all of us just how much fun this new Angry Birds game really is.


Next on the agenda was the latest in headphone technology to enhance your gaming experience.

If you are serious about gaming then you will need to get serious about your sound, albeit without disturbing your neighbours of course. With that being said, Turtle Beach’s latest headset range will definitely be on your Christmas list.

First up, was the X12 and X42 for the X-Box gamer! The X12 boost impressive sound, it’s crystal clear and the bass is quite impressive as well. It offers you amplified sound, microphone monitoring (so now you can listen to your own voice when playing the game) and its USB powered. The X42 on the other hand boast Dolby surround sound, which will definitely enhance your gaming experience better than most headphones out there, and its wireless which is always a plus! It has multiple EQ presets and it allows you to adjust the audio settings as you see fit.

Onto the PX21, the headset for the PS3 gamer! The PX21 can be used for any platform including X-Box, and PC. PX21 integrates premium stereo sound with crystal clear communication. The headset is light, soft and real comfortable, making it easy for you to relax while you play your game and not be irritated by it. All three headsets allow you to control the volume on the game as well as the chat sound, making it highly effective for online gaming.

turtle beach px21

Now onto some gaming news we received!

Although we never got to play it, we did see some trailers and gameplay for the game, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, which looks fantastic! The game was originally scheduled to be released in August this year, however as things are developing it looks more likely that we will be seeing the apocalypse before we manage to get our hands on Sniper 2. The game has been postponed on numerous occasions as the guys over at Apex say that the game is scheduled to be released sometime in February 2013, although it might get postponed again, no one knows for sure. Which is a shame as the game really does look great.

Here’s a little Recap:

Get Angry Birds: Star Wars for loads of challenging fun! PS. In the menu, some Corellian space craft fly by, if you click on them they explode. Just a little fun you can have before you actually start playing the game. X21, X42 and PX21 headsets are a must have for your festive gaming experience! And wait for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, it certainly looks like awesome cool madness!

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