American gods trailer

Starz has released a new trailer for the upcoming TV series based on Neil Gaiman’s classic fantasy novel, American Gods.

American Gods

Two years ago, Hannibal fans were devastated to learn that the show was being cancelled after just three seasons. Now it seems like the show’s creator Bryan Fuller is working the same magic he did on Hannibal with American Gods. In the trailer (which is certainly not for the faint of heart), people are chopped in half and blood falls from the skies. It even has the weird dream-like beasts – including one who seems to have flames coming from his eyes.

In the trailer, we get to see more of how bodyguard Shadow Moon gets caught up in the world of mysterious figure Mr. Wednesday, a deity.

With every bit of footage that Starz releases for American Gods, we grow more excited for the show. It premieres April 30.

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