The Amazing World of Spider-man – Part 3: Heroes

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Following on from our previous articles, The Amazing World of Spider-man – Part 1: Villains and Part2: Acquaintances, we continue to explore the undeveloped story of Spidey on-screen.

Spider-man has built one of the largest gallery of foes, friends and heroes within his own comic book series over the last 50 years. He has a wide range of interesting characters which have shaped him differently, each one giving us different insight into the Peter Parker character. Yet, most of these minor characters have been pushed into the background as Spidey’s classic cast of friends, acquaintances and villains fill the big screen.


Here are some of the characters that I feel will not only enrich the Spider-Man films, but who could possibly hold their own in their own spin-off films.

scarlet Spider man

Also known as Ben Reilly, is the clone of Peter Parker.

Earlier I spoke about The Jackal, and his ability to create clones, well Ben Reilly was actually the first “perfect” clone of Spider-Man created by The Jackal. This would launch “The Clone Saga” story line, which is one of the most controversial Spider-Man story arcs written. The premise of the story began well, but after many years it simply fell apart. However, one of the few things that came from it was the bad-ass Scarlet Spider.

Scarlet would replace Parker in his comic as Spider-Man which angered a lot of fans, but when the two characters are together they tend to be quite the amusing pair. I have to say if they ever do Ben Reilly, they should get someone like Alex Pettyfer to play him, and not Garfield to play both roles. Scarlet Spider is easily one of those characters that can get a spin-off film, and having another actor essentially play Reilly who is trying to find his own identity, in all of Peter’s thoughts, dreams and inspiration would work better than the same actor playing two different roles.


Aka Thomas Fireheart, Puma is a Native American with an extraordinary ability to turn into a humanoid mountain lion were-cat. Puma has been trained by his tribe to be a perfect warrior and has also been trained in Martial Arts in Japan.

Fireheart is a business man and the CEO of his own company. However, corporate life became terribly boring for him, so naturally he establishes himself as a mercenary for hire. He would soon get hired to take down Spider-Man, but he would eventually decide against it. Soon after he teamed up with Spider-Man and Black Cat. He also joined Spidey’s own rag-tag superhero team, The Outlaws.

black cat

Aka Felicia Hardy and one of my all time favorite characters in comics! Black Cat has been one Spidey’s closest allies since he donned the red and blue tights. Hardy is more of the passionate, thrill-seeker type with a knack for burglary and wooing Spider-Man.

She is the daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar. After suffering a traumatic event as a college freshman, she trained herself in various fighting styles, acrobatics and, after deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps, adopted her costumed identity as the Black Cat.

Ever since the first Spider-Man film was announced I have been waiting patiently to see this kick-ass chick allure her way onto the big screen, yet it just hasn’t happened. Although Felicity Jones has been cast in unnamed role in ASM2, with many believing it to be that of Black Cat, she could be playing Betty Brant or someone else entirely. All I know is we need to see Felicia on the big screen sooner than later.


Carpenter is the second woman to take on the role of Spider-Woman. While I don’t expect to see Spider-Woman on the big screen anytime soon, I have to say I’ll be excited if she does appear. Carpenter can be a cool supporting character to Spider-Man. She will be able to to launch her own spin-off film, especially if some of Spidey’s supporting characters are used in her film.

Her origin story is also quite simple compared to many other heroes. Basically some secret government organization pulls together their resources in order to create a superhero, in the vain of Spider-Man. They send out there operatives to find the perfect unsuspecting test subjects. Dr. Val Cooper meets college friend Julia Carpenter in Julia’s hometown of Denver, and convinces her to be part of an “athletic study”. During the experiment, they “accidentally” injected Julia with a mix of spider venom and exotic plant extracts, which gave Julia powers very similar to those of Spider-Man. Her story could fit well within the Amazing Spider-Man world as essentially Oscorp do have the Spider’s that created Spider-Man.

nightwatch spider-man

Nightwatch hight have had a short-lived run in comics, but it was certainly memorable. He played a prominent role in Maximum Carnage. Nightwatch is also a character that can appear in a Venom, Spider-Man or Maximum Carnage film, then spin-off into his own film where his reign as a superhero would come to an end.

Nightwatch was Doctor Kevin Trench, who witnessed a costumed man die battling some terrorists armed with an invisibility-generating ‘cloaking” devices. He unmasked the corpse to learn that it was an older version of himself. He took the costume and ran away, to avoid his fate and the complexities of having to explain how his both dead and alive. But due to circumstance he would don the suit and try figuring out its origins while embracing his superhero awesomeness.

After some memorable superhero exploits NightWatch would find himself in a battle that would leave him fatally wounded. He would then use the last of his costume’s power to go back in time and try to warn his past self of what would happen, to keep him from meeting this ignoble end, and try to prevent his girlfriend’s death in the process. Ultimately, he would get sucked into a fight with terrorists and ended up fulfilling the time loop, dying before he could warn himself.


There are many awesome bad-ass chicks in the Marvel Universe, but Silver Sable is definitely one of the deadliest. Sable, real name Silver Sablinova, is a female mercenary, hunter of war criminals, the leader of the Wild Pack (a group of mercenary’s), and CEO of Silver Sable International. Though a legitimate mercenary, her methods and motives have sometimes brought her into conflict with other superheroes.

The operations of Wild Pack and Silver Sable International drive the national economy of the fictional small European state of Symkaria. Sable is a tough, no-nonsense mercenary who doesn’t allow emotion to get in the way of what she’s doing, except if its rage. She was once married to the villain Foreigner, an assassin. Although when she found out about his activities they divorced. Their relation today varies between friendship, mere mutual tolerance, and attempts to kill each other. (Comic book version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Not only does Silver Sable and the Wild Pack have the perfect dynamic to fit into a Spider-Man film, but they also have enough of their own stories to not really rely on Spider-Man’s own popularity as many of the characters that I mentioned, and the others I didn’t, would.

Here are a few more superhero characters who reside in Spider-Man’s world, that you can check out; Cardiac, Anya Corazon, Steel Spider, Madame Webb and Slingers.

This brings an end to our look at The Amazing World of Spider-man. Please feel free to share your own thoughts on who you would like to see in future Spider-man films.

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