The Amazing World of Spider-man – Part 2: Acquaintances

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Following on from our previous article, The Amazing World of Spider-man – Part 1: Villians, we continue to explore the undeveloped story of Spidey on-screen.

Again, this article will be a small rhetoric on the characters (acquaintances) that could turn the on-screen Spider-Man universe into something glorious and unique. Spider-man has built one of the largest gallery of foes, friends and heroes within his own comic book series over the last 50 years. He has a wide range of interesting characters which have shaped him differently, each one giving us different insight into the Peter Parker character. Yet, most of these minor characters have been pushed into the background as Spidey’s classic cast of friends, acquaintances and villains fill the big screen.

These are some of the non-powered characters who have a connection to Pete, that really hasn’t been fully explored on-screen.

Familiar characters:

flash thompson the amazing spider-man

Now Flash was introduced to us in the film, but I do really hope they use him more in the sequel. In the comics, Flash went from being a bully, to becoming one of Peter’s best friends, to joining the military, becoming a war hero, loosing both his legs and then becoming the new host for the symbiote known as Venom. Flash became a hero in one of the best evolutionary character stories in comics. Putting Peter back in high school was kind of annoyance for me, because there are so many things you can explore with an older Peter, and Flash. He could be a new friend, a soldier, a war hero or even Venom.

Zooey Betty brant

Elizabeth Banks played Betty in the original trilogy, and while she didn’t do much in those films, there is a little more to Betty that I think could be explored.

For example, her initial disdain for Spider-Man, as her brother was killed during a fight between Webhead and Doc Ock. She was also romantically involved with Parker. The romance was short-lived, as the characters developed more of a sibling relationship.

A number of fans have voted in favor of casting Zooey Deschanel as Betty.

Unseen characters:


Both Debra and Peter Parker attended Empire State University. Debra was a Teaching Assistant and a secretary to the Dean. Peter and Debra eventually started dating. The relationship eventually fell apart because of Debra’s growing obsession – and her own slight insanity – that her boyfriend might be the notorious Spider-Man. Which was true, yet Peter still tried to hide it from her and eventually they broke up. Even though Whitman started dating other guys her infatuation for Pete still grew.


Peter’s overzealous Neighbour! When we first meet Glory Grant she is pursuing a modeling career. With her charming personality Peter and Glory became friends rather quickly.

When Betty Brant decides to leave the Bugle, Peter encourages the out-of-work model to go for the job. To everyone’s surprise, Jonah took an immediate liking to her.

Later Grant would begin a relationship with the crime-lord, Eduardo, who seduced her into getting the Bugle’s research on his nemesis Kingpin. Grant would end up shooting and killing Eduardo while he was battling Spider-Man. When Spidey thanked her, Glory revealed that she had been aiming at Spider-Man, taking Peter’s advice to follow her heart! (Real Great Pete!)

jean dewolff spider-man

“The Death of Jean DeWolff” is one of Spidey’s most revered story arcs. Although Jean dies within the first couple of pages in the story, her memory lives long in Spidey, as well as his fans.

Jean was a tough unrelenting police captain, who at first was very hostile to Spidey, thanks to those lovely Spider-Man editorials by the Daily Bugle. But once she was acquainted with Spider-Man she became one of his staunchest admirers and allies in the NYPD force.

When she is killed, Spidey hunts down the murderer. With his methods becoming quite questionable as his emotions start to take over, he slowly recedes into a very dark place.

Solo_James_Bourne - spiderman

Also known as Solo, his a counter-terrorism operative and probably one the best, kick-ass agents in Spidey’s Universe. As his name he would suggest Bourne works primarily alone, but he is known to team up with a character or two.

He was also instrumental in taking down the Sinister Six, who just might be making their appearance in ASM3, meaning there could be an opening for Solo in these films.

EZEKIEL spiderman

Earlier I spoke about Morlun and viewing Spidey as a Totem. Ezekiel is actually the character that finds our young hero and reveals this information about his super power origins to him. He suggested that the spider that bit Peter Parker was not mutated by the radiation, but actually trying to give Peter its powers before the radiation killed it. (Interesting right?)

If you liked learning about these cool characters here are some more you can check out; Carlie Cooper, Dexter Bennett, Matte Franklin, John Jameson, Vin & Michelle Gonzalez. In Part 3 we’ll look at some of Spider-man’s superhero friends.


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