The Amazing World of Spider-man – Part 1: Villains

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First off, let it be known, I wasn’t that impressed with the all new Amazing Spider-Man reboot, as I felt that it was just a rehash of the original Sam Raimi film. In all honestly, much like the redesigned suit, it felt a little darker, slim-lined, with only minor changes here and there. You might be thinking that you know where this article is going, but you’d be wrong. I’m not going to be producing a list of similarities between this film and the original. Instead, this article will be a small rhetoric on the characters that could turn this Spider-Man universe into something glorious.

When I look at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the additions they made in terms of characters, Electro, Mary-Jane, Rhino, Harry Osborn, and possibly Norman Osborn, it will definitely produce some good entertainment. But I feel they might be missing the opportunity to really do something that will differentiate it, not only from the original trilogy, but other comic book adapations as well. Considering the source material that will be tackled in numerous comic book films in the near future, Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems so generic, so mundane, especially when compared to the Japanese Noiresque Wolverine film, or the grounded Superman film, or even the vastness of the nine worlds in Thor: The Dark World.

Amazing spiderman concept

Now you might say revealing Norman Osborn as the bad guy behind the whole thing could be a cool twist (even though we all expect this to happen). Or you might say that revealing Peter’s parents role in his own evolution could be surprising. I would argue that you couldn’t be more wrong. I love Spider-Man, I really do. But Spider-Man is part of a very wild unnatural world that hasn’t really been explored on film and Sony should definitely look to delve into some of these aspects if they wish to compete. Essentially, Spider-Man’s stories range from the mystic, to unworldly, to technological warfare, organized crime and even a little bit on intimacy, as in the case with “The Death of Jean DeWolff” story arc.

A movie universe is certainly something that audiences enjoy, whether it’s a Quentin Tarantino universe or big unified universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now like I said earlier, Spider-Man has his own wonderful world that could be explored, and if Sony play their cards right, they could easily be looking at having 2-4 characters who could spawn their own films within the Spider-Man world.

A superhero is only as good as the supporting characters around him. Whether they are just ordinary people, villains or heroes, it’s this supporting cast that makes the superhero more interesting. All good superhero films are testament to this. Spider-man has built one of the largest gallery of foes, friends and heroes within his own comic book series over the last 50 years. He has a wide range of interesting characters which have shaped him differently, each one giving us different insight into the Peter Parker character. Yet, most of these minor characters have been pushed into the background as Spidey’s classic cast of friends, acquaintances and villains fill the big screen.

Amazing spiderman concept 2

This article is about what comes next; it’s definitely a look at certain characters that I feel could breathe a breath of fresh air into this franchise. Although, like any comic book character, they will probably have to be reworked and, in some cases, re-designed to fit within the context of the world set.

There are some classic Spidey villains I would love to see on-screen. However, there are newer ones that I would give precedent over the classic villains. Here’s a look at some classic and new villains who have yet to make it to the big screen:

Classic villains:

amazing spiderman shocker


Shocker is definitely one of my all time favorite villains and he is certainly a fan favorite as well. While most villains have had some sort of personal connection to Spidey, Shocker is really just a bank robber. He is a criminal and Spidey takes down criminals. ‘Nuff said.

On film I hope to see Shocker introduced within the first minute, robbing a bank with Spidey swinging in to save the day. The film’s plot can see the story evolve into something else entirely without Shocker, but giving us a Spidey film that starts off with Spidey vs. some Classic foe will definitely get audiences excited. It also lends itself to the idea that Spidey has been busy since the last film.

amazing spiderman scorpion


Mac Gargan is a private investigator hired by J.Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker gets those pictures of Spider-man. When he failed Jameson hired him for an experiment that would endow him with animal characteristics similar to Spidey. This time, however, they would use a Scorpion. Gargan defeated Spidey twice but went insane from the experiment. Dr. Stillwell, who performed the procedure, designed an antidote, but when Gargan heard he would lose his powers he climbed up a building. Stillwell went up after him and lost his grip. As he fell, Dr. Stillwell threw the serum at Gargan in a vain attempt to cure him. He missed and fell to his death.

spider-man kingpin


I don’t have to say much about the Kingpin, except that his crime lord of New York, and the mastermind behind some of Spidey’s most challenging endeavours. We’ve seen Spidey take on super villains in the films, but not really crime conglomerates. It would certainly be interesting to see him go against Kingpin.

spiderman carnage


A while back we heard that we might be getting a Venom spin-off. This would have been a really cool idea, especially if the two characters were reunited to face off against Carnage (See Maximum Carnage).

Cletus Kasady is a psychopath and a homicidal sadist, a deeply disturbed individual with a dark past. As a child he killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, tried to murder his mother by tossing a television into her bathtub, and tortured and killed his mother’s dog. He would become the host of Venom’s symbiote offspring Carnage. But unlike Venom, Carnage has no moral center and sees random, unpattern bloodshed as “the ultimate freedom.”

Unseen villains:

the maggia


The Maggia are really an international conglomerate of Organized Crime. Villains like Hammerhead, Silverman, Cyclone, and Don Fortunato and their respective families all fall under this world-wide web of crime. Like I said earlier, we haven’t really seen Spidey deal with crime syndicates in the films, and having a world crime Organization, like The Maggia, will certainly be an entertaining ride – especially since it will bring out a mixture of gang-bangers, mob bosses and super-villains. A super-hero Untouchables film of sorts.

the jackal


The Jackal is also known as Miles Warren, a professor at the University where Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker attended. Warren fell in love with Stacy. But when she died, he wrongly blamed Spider-Man for her death. He soon falls into despair and insanity. When his lab assistant informed him that they successfully cloned a rat, he gives him tissue samples of both Peter and Gwen. Warren was successfully in creating a Spider-man clone, as well as many other clones. A few years later he would alter his own DNA to give himself attributes of an actual jackal.

Colm Feore has been cast in an unspecified role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Many fans speculate that Feore would be playing Warren. And seeing as how Gwen will most probably bite the dust in this film, introducing Warren makes perfect sense.



We haven’t really seen any creative weapons or robots in Spidey’s universe as yet. These three characters could easily change that.

Spencer Smythe is a robot and arachnid expert who became convinced that Spider-Man is a menace thanks to Jameson’s editorials. He would soon develop Spider-Slayers to hunt Spider-Man.

Alistair Smythe, however, is Spencer’s paralyzed son who takes over from his father once he dies. Alistair tries to kill Spider-Man, but his first attempt fails humorously. He was then confined to an Asylum, which he escaped with a few inmates. Together they would then help him in his plan to kill Spider-Man.

In order to defeat Spider-Man on his own, Alistair enhanced himself by encasing his entire body in a bioorganic exoskeleton that not only served as full body armor, but also increased his strength and gave him the ability to walk again by interconnecting with his spine.

Its been a while since we seen a straight up evil scientist, and Phineas Mason aka Tinkerer, is just that. Mason is a brilliant inventor and technician who designs advanced weaponry for criminals and sometimes undertakes crimes of his own. He is known to have created the suit for Mysterio, who once worked as one of his alien-suited servants. He created Scorpion’s tail, and later he was hired by the Kingpin.



Kraven is a maniacal big game hunter who seeks to defeat Spider-Man to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world. He prefers to take down large dangerous animals with his bare hands.

Spider-Man proves a frustrating kill because Kraven continually underestimates the superhero’s ingenuity. His half-brother, The Chameleon, contacted him; to defeat Spider-Man. Most importantly Kraven was a founding member of the Sinister Six (rumored to be one of the main villains in Amazing Spider-man 3).

After many attempts Kraven would successfully capture and “kill” Spider-Man. Although Spidey survives, having been drugged, Kraven is satisfied that he successfully took Spidey down. He would then help Spidey take down some vermin, but ultimately Kraven retires to his home, reminiscing about his past and the peace he now feels. He later commits suicide with a rifle.

morlun spiderman


I love Morlun, after all, he is best known as the killer of Spider-Man in the popular storyline, “Spider-Man: The Other.”

Introducing Morlun will also give us a different interpretation on Spidey’s origins and why he got his powers. It will introduce the idea that the spider that had bitten him did so voluntarily to pass its abilities onto Peter before it died. This made Spider-Man a “totem,” a bridge between man and beast, with the properties of both.

We don’t know anything about Morlun’s past, except that as long as totemistic forces have walked the earth, there have always been those who have fed on them. While Morlun and his brothers can survive on the life forces of normal humans and non-totemistic super humans for a time, they always crave a pure host, and Spidey fits the bill perfectly.

Morlun would begin to torment Spidey by messing with his Spidey sense, but when he revealed himself, he punched Spidey, with what Spider-Man claimed was the hardest punch he had ever felt, and then promised him he would kill him eventually. Since he made physical contact with Spidey he would be able to find him anywhere. Spidey fought valiantly against him, but Morlun would always gain the upper hand. Even when Spidey decided to flee, Morlun would still find him and would endanger civilians if Parker tried to flee again.

Morlun is certainly the classic penultimate type of Villain for a real threatening Spider-Man finale film. He is the type of character that you could have lurking in the shadows for film 1, toying with Spidey’s senses and introducing himself at the end of film 2 and then hunting Spidey down with the promise of death in film 3.


The Jury was originally conceived and financed by General Orwell Taylor, whose oldest son Hugh had been murdered by Venom. Hugh was a prison guard at the Vault (a super-villain prison), when he was suffocated by Venom’s living costume in Venom’s attempt to escape.

Orwell gathered together Hugh’s friends Curtis Elkins (Sentry), Samuel Caulkin (Ramshot), Hugh’s younger brother Maxwell Taylor (Screech), Firearm and Bomblast. Orwell gave the five of them costumes that were based on the Vault’s Guardsman armors (a design stolen from Anthony Stark aka Iron Man). The suits were outfitted with Sonics and fire, both of which are anathema to Venom.

Well I can go on and on about all Spidey’s villains, but why don’t you check out these awesome Villains for yourself: Enforcers, Chameleon, Kaine, Mr. Negative, Morbius, Vulture, Black Tarantula and Beetle. In Part 2 we’ll look at some of Spider-man’s acquaintances.




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