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Alien: Covenant Deleted Scene Shows More Of The Engineer Graveyard

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The Alien: Covenant theatrical release left many fans a little confused or disillusioned about Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror franchise. Fox is hoping that the Blu-ray release will not only fill in the gaps, thanks to a number of deleted scenes that feature more lore, but also generate enough revenue to create the proposed sequels.

A new deleted scene from Alien: Covenant gives us a better look at the outcome of the Engineers. The footage shows us what happened just after David rescued the Covenant crew from a Neomorph attack and lead them to his hideout. We see the devastation and remains of humanity’s creators.

Of course, this is just one of many extended scenes from the Blu-ray release, set for August 15th. The other scenes included are Prologue (Extended), Walter in Greenhouse, Oram and Daniels (Extended), Walter Visits Daniels, Daniels Bedroom Flashback (which will likely include a little more of James Franco), Jacob’s Funeral (Extended), Ledwards Fall, Crossing the Plaza (Extended), Daniels Thanks Walter, Rosenthal Prayer, Walter Reports Back and Stairs to Eggroom (Extended).

It’s probably no surprise to fans that the Alien: Covenant Blu-ray is chock-a-block full with extras and never been seen footage. Ridley Scott’s previous Alien film, Prometheus, pretty much had the same thing. It seems Scott understands the importance of making these collectables more valuable for fans.

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  1. Carlo Hendricks

    Blu ray, definitely! But am I the only blu ray collector? Everyone else seems to be satisfied with digital, legal or otherwise. How about a poll on FOS?

    • Renier Van Loggerenberg

      You are not alone. I am also a blu-ray collector. Unfortunately had to import most of them as SA doesn’t release many of the classics and our new release calendar is spare with mostly blockbuster fare.

    • Jarrod Saunders

      I also collect Blu-rays. What I hate most is when extra content is left off local releases. Like with Dawn of The Planet of The Apes and Logan. Perhaps I should write something about this.

    • Carlo Hendricks

      Yes, and also the new nonsense from Fox, whereby they sell just the 3D disc, without the accompanying 2D disc, yet the price is exactly the same as normal 3D movies which include the 2D presentation. This forces one to purchase on

  2. Brandon Carl Keller

    How about all the deleted scenes that make the characters interesting and actually says something interesting about the whole creator/creation relationship bullshit.

  3. Aubrey Fraetas

    I’ll probably just get digital as long as it has the longer cut. I mean they had this entire intense scene prior to the film with the crew just chilling and you could see the relationships between the people. Then the film kills off James Franco within the first 2min. Why would we give a shit then?

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