Alien: Covenant Blu-ray

Several online retailers have already listed Alien: Covenant Blu-ray for release. And, as expected, there will be nearly 20 minutes of deleted scenes and over 100 minutes of special features and extras.

Alien: Covenant DVD

Alien: Covenant Boxset

Alien: Covenant Blu-ray

Alien: Covenant Blu-ray

It’s probably no surprise to fans that the Alien: Covenant Blu-ray is chock-a-block full with extras and never been seen footage. Ridley Scott’s previous Alien film, Prometheus, pretty much had the same thing. It seems Scott understands the importance of making these collectables more valuable for fans.

According to the details on the retail sites, there will be a total of 12 deleted and extended scenes on this Blu-ray release, which will run 17 minutes and 58 seconds. Of course, that isn’t all. There will also be five featurettes – Meet Walter (2m 19s), Phobos (9m 8s), The Last Supper (4m 36s), The Crossing (2m 32s) and Advent (6m 40s).

Target buyers will also get a collectable 36-page booklet entitled The Creatures of Alien: Covenant. There is also a Steelbook alternative and a 6-film box set collection.

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  1. Jay

    “20 minutes of deleted Scenes” ?

    Then you write:
    “a total of 12 deleted and extended scenes on this Blu-ray release, which will run 17 minutes and 58 seconds”

    That’s 18 minutes, but probably less, because the old footage in the ‘Extended Scenes’ is included…

  2. Rian

    I liked “Alien: Covenant”, but it could have been better.

    The behavior of the crew wasn’t credible enough.
    Sometimes it was comical.

    They cut too much from the second half, especially character moments. And they should have done the planned fight between the Xenomorph and Neomorph, which would have been a great highlight.

    The F/X was surprisingly mediocre in some shots involving the space ships…I’m not a pro, but I’ve seen more convincing F/X in older movies.

    I hope Ridley Scott can finish his prequel series with a great showdown involving David The Robot, the Engineers and a lot of freaky creatures.

    But they shouldn’t stretch it to two more films.
    One more is enough.

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