Alexandra Daddario

In the Percy Jackson movies, Alexandra Daddario plays Annabeth, but the actress has her eyes on playing DC’s Wonder Woman.

Although most of us DC fans are still recovering from the shock of the recently announced Batman v Superman movie, it looks as though there are some who can’t get the thought of a Justice League movie out of their minds. When speaking to Collider to promote her new film, Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters, Alexandra Daddario admitted:

“Whether I’m in a Wonder Woman movie or not… I would love to see Wonder Woman get made. I would love to see this strong, female action hero.”

She has the look, but do you think she’s fit to be the Amazon warrior princess?


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  1. Byron

    Well considering she is acting in Percy Jackson, maybe she should wait for a teen titans film and act as Wondergirl. Rather leave Wonderwoman to the likes of Gina Carano, a woman that can really fight and looks good whilst doing so

  2. Ryan

    No one wants to see female superheros. That is pretty well-established. It is possible to suspend belief on a norse superhuman God who comes from another planet in the universe with a powerful automated hammer but it is not possible to suspend belief on a hot chick who beats people up. No one, and I mean no one, would pay to see a wonder woman movie except a few ultraliberal teenage girls.

  3. DougK

    Best idea I’ve heard all day, if it won’t be Adrianne Palicki. Alexandra’s even got a head start, she’s already the daughter of Athena!

  4. WlkrS957

    Hell no. The woman who played Diana/Wonder Woman in the cancelled TV remake should be asked to reprise her role. That was a really good pilot and show Diana was one tough/mean character when it was needed.. It would have worked perfectly on the same network as Arrow and Tomorrow People.Missed opportunity. Do not cast the above suggested girl.

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