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Actor Alan Ritchson says he will be playing Shazam alongside Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. While DC have yet to announce anything official, Ritchson answered a tweet with a simple “yup”.


Ritchson, who played the CGI version of Raphael in the new TMNT movies and Aquaman in Smallville, certainly has the look. Like most of the DC actors, he is quite muscular.

Shazam has an April 5, 2019 release.

Addicted to #goals. Do something today. Anything. As long as it's a step in the direction you want to go.

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The actor showed off his fun side while visiting South Africa recently:

Our housekeeper stopped my wife in the hallway as they were passing by each other and asked if she could confess something. My wife braced herself for the worst. "You know we live in a shack right?" our housekeeper said meekly with the same gentle smile we'd grown accustomed to accompanying every conversation. My wife wisely reassured her that that's not a good enough reason to keep our kids from celebrating hers and we were going to her sons birthday party. I was told by several locals not to take any jewelry or valuables into the township. Our local sitter, who also lives in a township, said white people can get killed going in one. My driver said he had, for a second day in a row, had a dream about getting robbed and shot. (He said this dream was meant for someone else though.) Regardless, as our van was pulling in, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about the decision we'd made to bring our family here. We'd said a prayer together as a family before we left, but the words of many plagued the back of my mind. We pulled up to the shack and were immediately surrounded by dozens of smiling faces. They greeted us with hugs and made us feel right at home. Our kids were fascinated by the sandy streets and quickly removed their shoes to feel it on their feet. Thinking we were the ones doing the giving, we handed over the store bought cake and toys we'd brought for the birthday boy. But what we gave was inconsequential compared to what this community gave us. An army of girls from the neighborhood gathered before us and entertained us with song and dance for close to an hour. I joined them for one or two and was pleased to learn it's a "no judgement" zone :) We were shown around the village and were even given a taste of someone's home brewed beer. (My wife and I drank it right from the communal paint can turned beer mug… whew.) Tasty though. All in all, today was an unforgettable reminder that nothing should keep us from doing life together. Not fear, not our skin, not socioeconomics, nothing. We all crave life and laughter and birthday cake.

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