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As far back as I can remember one thing has always stayed constant during my childhood (and admittedly my adult life) and that is the little plastic bricks called LEGO. I have so many fond memories of building with these deceptively simple little plastic squares and letting my imagination run wild. It’s a love passed on to me from my father and now my love for LEGO has started to permeate my children’s lives as they too have begun to appreciate LEGO and it’s almost limitless possibilities.


Naturally, when we heard that the first ever LEGO Certified store in Africa would be opening right here in Sandton City, South Africa our hearts skipped a collective beat. What more could any LEGO fanatic ask for than a LEGO Certified store right in their backyard so to speak?

I was lucky enough to be invited to get a sneak peek at the store before it would officially open and, of course, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Upon arrival, we were treated to some drinks and some creatively LEGO shaped snacks which my daughter, who accompanied me to the event, couldn’t get enough of. After being suitably hyped up on sugar (those cookies were so good), we finally entered the store.

Now, I’ll be honest, if you have a love for LEGO, like both myself and my daughters have, then entering the store will feel like stepping into a LEGO heaven, albeit a brightly coloured and very eye-catching LEGO heaven. Every inch of the store is adorned with all things LEGO, from amazingly constructed sets to areas where you can assemble your own minifigs and of course walls upon walls filled with sweet, sweet LEGO. Whether you are into Star Wars, Marvel or DC, LEGO City, Technics or Friends, the store probably has the LEGO set for you.


As soon as I stepped into the store I immediately felt like a kid again. Isn’t that the whole point of LEGO? Building new worlds, creating interesting structures and basically letting your imagination run wild this is the reason that so many adults and children find themselves enamoured by a couple of plastic bricks and figures.

The store truly feels like space where you can not only shop for your next LEGO set but also just let your hair down and be a kid again. It’s a space that fully embraces what it means to be creative and encourages it. As I stood squashed into a corner of the store (only because so many people attended the event), I couldn’t help noticing how many parents sat down next to their kids and began building at the various building stations. There are few sights as heartwarming as seeing parents and kids just play together.

If you have a love for LEGO, or your kids do, or you are just looking for a fun outing with the kids, then I urge you to visit the LEGO Certified store in Sandton City. Who knows, you might just walk out with a LEGO set or two (or three or four).

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