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adidas Originals pairs famed photographer Ari Marcopoulos with international rap star Pusha T to create a rare photo project in celebration of the forthcoming ‘KING PUSH’ EQT grayscale.


As part of an on-going collaboration with adidas Originals, Pusha T is profiled in a minimalistic photoshoot personifying a refreshed EQT silhouette with a pared-down design language. Famed photographer and filmmaker Ari Marcopoulous mixes vintage and modern film development techniques to capture Pusha T in a raw aesthetic using a coveted 8×10 analog format.


To commemorate the third installment of the King Push EQT, Ari Marcopoulus explains his creative process in profiling Pusha T;

“I wanted to do something simple and authentic but unique. The process of shooting 8×10 photography is analog. What’s great about it is that you become very focused. It’s slow as opposed to smaller cameras where you can take many photos and choose later. 8×10 is very much editing on the spot. It forces the subject and photographer to collaborate and seize the moments that are most essential to the story. It really becomes a collaboration between subject and photographer. It takes concentration from both and that often results into an image unlike any other. It’s a zen-like experience.”


Clean, authentic and thought-provoking, Pusha T is featured in the black and white analog shoot wearing a simple white t-shirt, black denim pants and the King Push EQT shoe. The familiar photographic styling of Ari Marcopoulos is evident in the creative direction of photoshoot, noting a signature aesthetic often identified through his unique ability to capture the underbelly of American street culture through an honest lens.


A foreshadowing into the upcoming design of the limited-edition ‘King Push’ EQT grayscale, Pusha T defines essentialism in personal style highlighting a simplified wardrobe that is uniquely his own. Stay tuned to @adidasOriginals for more information on the upcoming King Push EQT.

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