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A Look at the Huawei Watch

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Finally! OEMs are starting to take the smartwatch market segment a lot more seriously these days, with more and more users opting a smartwatch over the standard counterparts. Unfortunately, the smartwatch industry has failed to prove its reliability and accuracy over the more specific sports watches and health trackers. In addition, many of these smartwatches looked large and cumbersome, often as a result of trying to add the benefit of fitting a camera to it.

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Thankfully, we’ve moved away from this type of brick-on-the-arm design with the likes of LG G and Moto 360. Enter Huawei and its…Watch? Not much of a title to be given to such a good looking smartwatch, but that matters little. Many across the industry have already hailed Huawei’s take on the smartwatch as the best looking of the bunch, with only one small matter left to ponder…the price.

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Although the smartwatch was announced last month, there is no indication of an actual release date, much less how much the unit is expected to retail for. There is also no indication on whether the unit will reach the shores of South Africa. In any case, take a look at the launch ad for the Huawei Watch, or head on over to the official website for a more in-depth gander.

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