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Sony May Be Working On A Better PS4

Rumours have been going around in the gaming industry that Sony might be working on a newer, and better PS4. Sources speaking to Kotaku regarding the rumours have revealed that the new PS4 might include a better graphics processor and might even support 4K resolution in 

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Sony Mobile Introduces an Evolution of the Xperia Brand-01

Sony Mobile Introduces an Evolution of the Xperia Brand

Re-imagined Xperia brand will bring increasingly personalised and intelligent products to enrich everyday life First “X” series smartphones, “XperiaTM X”, “XperiaTM X Performance” and “XperiaTM XA”, featuring next-generation technologies in camera, battery and design XperiaTM Ear brings a new way of communicating, without compromising on 

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Head of Sony VR Steps Down

Dave Ranyard the studio head for Sony VR, and the man overseeing several PlayStation VR demos has announced that he would be parting ways with the developer. Ranyard has been working at Sony’s London Studio for 17 years, and is leaving the company to pursue 

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