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Sony May Be Working On A Better PS4

Rumours have been going around in the gaming industry that Sony might be working on a newer, and better PS4. Sources speaking to Kotaku regarding the rumours have revealed that the new PS4 might include a better graphics processor and might

Sony Comments On Xbox and PS4 Cross-Network Play

With Xbox giving Sony an open invitation for cross-network play, all eyes were on Sony to see if they would accept it. Well, Sony has finally responded although the answer turned out to be a bit vague and fell short of

Patent Filed by Sony For Glove Controller

With the release of the PlayStation VR believed to be just around the corner, it seems Sony might be gearing up to release a new controller for it. According to three separate patents that Sony had filed, the controller is

Sony Mobile Introduces an Evolution of the Xperia Brand

Re-imagined Xperia brand will bring increasingly personalised and intelligent products to enrich everyday life First “X” series smartphones, “XperiaTM X”, “XperiaTM X Performance” and “XperiaTM XA”, featuring next-generation technologies in camera, battery and design XperiaTM Ear brings a new way

Head of Sony VR Steps Down

Dave Ranyard the studio head for Sony VR, and the man overseeing several PlayStation VR demos has announced that he would be parting ways with the developer. Ranyard has been working at Sony’s London Studio for 17 years, and is

Sony merging its hardware, software and network divisions.

It has been revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment will be merging to create an all new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment. This new company will begin functioning from the 1st of April 2016 and will place

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact: Review

In days gone by, many manufacturers were competing as to who would design and build the best small phones. But those days have long since gone, as many leading manufacturers attempt to build the best displays, something you won’t often

Sony Launches Bond Edition Xperia Z5

Over the years there have been many feature film tie-ins with device manufacturers, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find many more premium brands than the likes of Sony and Aston Martin. The duo have teamed up in their latest campaign

Sony Launches Microsite with Gert-Johan Coetzee for the Z5 Series

Sony Mobile Launch Bespoke Microsite with Gert-Johan Coetzee to Celebrate The Design on the Z5 Series To celebrate Sony Mobile’s release of the latest instalment to their smartphone portfolio, the impressive and beautifully crafted Z5 Series, Sony Mobile is thrilled