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Sony Xperia C3: Review

Back when Sony first split from Ericsson, they went on record stating that the convoluted numbering and release scheduling would be a thing of the past. Fast forwards a few months, and it seems the company is right back to their old tricks. While the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact have made the major headlines […]

Sony Xperia T3: Review

It’s almost a full two years since Sony split from Ericsson and went their own way with the Xperia smartphone brand. In its first year going it alone, the company launched significantly less smartphones on the market compared to the previous year with Ericsson. Many tech pundits liked the idea of a less cluttered release […]

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX10 Review

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that the Sony DSC-QX10 is a lens / accessory to be used in conjunction with a camera body or a smart phone but, surprisingly, it is actually a camera and is yet another testament to Sony’s ability to innovate and be different. The Sony DSC-QX10 camera is really compact, lightweight […]

Sony Xperia Z2: Review

It feels like just the other day when FoS reviewed the Sony Xperia Z1, and before many owners of the, then, flagship smartphone had time to enjoy it, Sony were already hard at work on the launch party for the Xperia Z2. A mere six months after the official launch of the Z1, Sony launched […]

Sony SmartBand: Review

There has been a definite drive toward tech wearables of late. Sony has had dealings in this market for some time now, all the way back to April 2012 (long before Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear) when the company first released the SmartWatch, version 1.0. While wearables has existed even before this, many of these were […]

Sony Introduces Playstation TV

Sony today introduced PlayStation TV (PS TV), an affordable entertainment system that will enable users to easily enjoy various game content and PlayStation 4 remote play on their TV at home. PS TV will come in “Black,” and will be available in North America, Europe and the PAL region later this year. This product was […]

Sony To Introduce ‘Glacier White’ PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced that it will introduce the first colour variation for PlayStation 4 in “Glacier White,” which will be available worldwide later this year. Peripheral lineups will also expand with the “Glacier White” DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller and Vertical Stand, in addition to DUALSHOCK® 4 in the colour “Urban Camouflage”. Gamers […]

Sony PlayStation E3 Trailers

Sony has released the following E3 trailers for PlayStation: Uncharted 4 inVizimals The Resistance The Order 1886 Bloodborne Killzone Intercept Minecraft LBP3 BigFest infamous TLOU Set Maker for Playroom Everyone has gone to the Rapture Entwined DRIVECLUB

Michael Jackson: Xscape – ‘One Sony’ Collaboration

INTRODUCING THE XPERIA Z2: TUNED TO DELIVER MICHAEL JACKSON’S BRAND NEW ALBUM XSCAPE IN FULL STUDIO QUALITY It’s official – yesterday, Epic Records, in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, announced that it will release XSCAPE an album of new music by the internationally beloved music icon and King of Pop, Michael Jackson. To […]

Sony Xperia E1: Review

Sony have launched quite a number of flagship smartphones over the past year or two. In addition, Sony also launched a pair of budget smartphones in 2013, which went relatively unnoticed in any tech space. The brace in question, the Xperia C and Xperia M, were not even sold in most global markets, which would […]