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15,000 HTC Vive Units Sold in Minutes

The HTC Vive virtual reality system sold out within minutes after it went on pre-order sale. This was confirmed by HTC’s Shen Ye who tweeted “Woah, more than 15k units
By Deville Louw on 02 Mar 2016

Price and Date for HTC Vive Leaked

The price as well as the released date for the HTC Vive has been leaked. This leaked information has been confirmed by HTC on their official blog. Pre-orders will begin on
By Deville Louw on 01 Mar 2016

The Top 5 Tech of 2016

With 2017 right around the corner, (yes, that's right, 2017 already), it's time to take a quick look back at the top tech from the past year, 2016. If you
By Evan Saunders on 26 Dec 2016

Watch: NBA 2KVR Experience Trailer

2K has released a new trailer for the virtual basketball experience titled NBA 2KVR Experience. NBA 2KVR is a collection of basketball mini-games that will test your basketball playing prowess and
By Deville Louw on 05 Dec 2016

Watch: Conan Visits YouTube VR Lab

TeamCoco has released a new video, which sees host Conan visit the YouTube Space in New York City. The video showcases YouTube’s custom-made VR room in which Conan gets to
By Evan Saunders on 20 Nov 2016