7 Reasons To See 'Alien Covenant'

After originally distancing Prometheus from Alien, the latest instalment of Ridley Scott’s space-horror franchise, Alien: Covenant, connects the dots between the two and continues to expand the universe. Covenant is the second chapter in his prequel trilogy that attempts to establish the world of aliens, humans, androids and monsters. Although we’ve given you enough reasons to see the film in our review, we’ve compiled 7 distinct reasons why Alien: Covenant is a must-see on the big screen.

1. It’s a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to Alien

The first Alien film, also helmed by Ridley Scott, is widely considered as one of the greatest sci-fiction horror films of all time. Nearly 40 years later, Scott returned to the franchise with Prometheus in hopes of branching out and exploring undeveloped parts of the story. While Alien is set in 2122, Prometheus was set in 2103 and Alien: Covenant, ten years later, in 2113. While Covenant offers many revelations about the world of Alien, it embraces a lot of the mystery created in Prometheus and omits parts of the story to keep viewers in suspense (Ridley Scott cut approximately 20 minutes of footage). The biggest difference between the two prequels has to be the return of the razor-toothed Xenomorphs and the return to gore. Unlike Prometheus, it’s a film that offers a lot of horror-movie splatter. Read more about Prometheus’ secrets here.

2. Michael Fassbender as Walter and David

Michael Fassbender remains the best thing about the prequel series and the actor returns as both Walter and Prometheus’ David, two synthetics with very different objectives, in Covenant. Fassbender plays both roles perfectly and, although they look exactly the same, it is easy to differentiate the two different synthetics. While one baffles about evolution and perfection, the other projects loyalty and honesty. There are a number of great scenes where the two interact with one another (Michael Fassbender talking and explaining to Michael Fassbender).

3. The art of Alien: Covenant

Regardless of your thoughts on the movie itself, it’s hard to deny that Alien: Covenant isn’t one of the most beautiful movies you’ll see this year. Here is a small selection of artwork/concept designs created by Wayne Haag, Valentin Petrov, Gabriel Beauvais, Steve Burg, Emmanuel Shiu, and EV Shipard for the film:

4. Danny McBride

While many people expected Danny McBride to be nothing more than the comic relief in Alien: Covenant, he surprised many by delivering a solid performance of straight-faced macho pilot, Tennessee. In a room full of decent actors, McBride manages to make his presence felt and you can’t help but root for him.

5. It’s genuinely scary

Unlike the more recent Alien films, this one is actually scary. There are some truly haunting moments, with creepy architecture, Xenomorphs, chestbusters, facehuggers and the works. It’s a good blend of science fiction, horror and action. Expect a few frights.

6. It’s not a perfect film, but it really isn’t as bad as some say

Alien: Covenant currently holds a 71% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a 6.8 on IMDB and 65% on Metacritic. That’s a relatively okay score for a film that seems to be getting a lot of heat for being “too predictable” and “full of tropes”. Covenant is a genre film created by the director who helped pioneer and create the tropes used in the film. When Prometheus was released, a lot of fans were upset and asking for it to be more like Alien. Now, with Alien: Covenant those same fans are crying that it isn’t as good as Prometheus.

7. It has one of the biggest reveals of the franchise

While I can’t give it away without spoiling the film, there is a big reveal in the film that changes everything we know about the franchise. It’s a shocker and will inspire you to rewatch all the movies again.

Alien: Covenant is currently screening at Ster-Kinekor cinemas throughout South Africa. It’s the type of film that deserves to be enjoyed on the biggest screen possible.

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  1. I saw it on the weekend. I was not blown away. It is a very pretty film but it did feel a bit like it was more of the same. Stupid person/people gets infected by mystery bug, gets sick, everyone panics, chests explodes, shit explodes, more people die, heroic act by hardcore woman with short hair saves the day …. for now.

  2. While it was amazing visually, the story was average at best imo and for me to accept it’s canon is hard lol. I feel kind of disappointed to learn that the mysterious, outlandish Xenomorph from the original Alien film was bred out to it’s fearsome state by the first made android with a God Complex… The lack of an origin story for the alien definitely added to the mystery kick it delivered in the first few films. I would have preferred to have seen them engineered by the space jockeys rather than something so close to home, like an android. I would have liked to have seen Blomkamp’s iteration of the next alien chapter, perhaps it would have been more coherent – doesn’t look like Ridley will allow that.

  3. Was ok, bit of a snooze fest in the beginning, much like the original Alien but at least you knew who was who when people started dying. I also have the idea that David has the ability to transfer his ‘mind’ over to other robots. That would make more sense than David killing Walter and dressing up like him in a few seconds and will also make it possible to use the same character with different actors in future films.

  4. We’ve found a mystery planet that’s broadcasting signals, meaning there is life! Let’s not use our scanners to check it out, let’s just fly there right now (through a hurricane) and rip off our helmets, and check it out on foot by trekking huge distances. What can go wrong?

  5. Arlo

    Let’s see if you recognize the plot:

    A spaceship alters its original mission because it picks up a strange signal and lands on the planet which is the source of the signal. The unsuspecting crew members become infected and then killed by aliens. In spite of their best efforts, one of the aliens makes it onto the mother ship. An android which is supposed to help the humans is actually protecting the aliens. A badass women lures the alien and blows it out into space. But we all know there are other aliens hiding out to pounce when the opportunity presents itself.

    Sound like the original Alien movie plot? Nope – the plot of Alien Covenant. More recycled sameness from Hollywood.

    The Alien movies were not scary and boring after the first two. Prometheus was a good movie because of interesting plot themes and characters, especially with respect to the engineers and why they wanted to destroy humans after creating them. I looked forward to seeing where this plot line would go with Alien Covenant.

    But Ridley Scott and the writers literally blow away any opportunity to explore this plot (as well as an interesting character from Prometheus) line very early in the movie, and basically recycle the original Alien plot.

    Disappointing – save your money and watch it when it gets to cable.

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