5 Characters That May Appear In Logan Instead of Deadpool

This week, the Internet lost its mind as The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez declared Deadpool would appear in James Mangold’s Logan. Mangold, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to deny the rumours, but Gonzalez still stands by his source.

Whether the Merc with the Mouth appears or not, only the film-makers will know. So let’s have some fun speculating who might appear in Logan.


There has to be some form of reference to arguably Wolverine’s greatest adversary in Logan. These guys are like Batman and Joker, Captain America and Red Skull, Hillary and Trump. While Sabretooth failed to ignite in his two big screen appearances, one last battle between Victor Creed and Logan would be the hurrah this rivalry deserves. As long as the actor playing Sabretooth is Liev Schreiber and not Tyler Mane, please.

Jean Grey

She’ll probably be dead in the film, but that’s never stopped a director from using flashbacks. Logan’s great love has and always be Jean Grey. While I don’t expect him to go all Bruce Wayne and visit her gravesite every day, he’ll still remember her. Maybe when Logan inevitably dies in the film, she’ll appear as an angel.

Mister Sinister


According to Bryan Singer, this one is a given. Speaking of the post-credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, Singer said it connects to Mister Sinister’s appearance in Logan; however, no one knows who’s portraying him or how he fits in. I have a sneaky suspicion that Richard E. Grant’s Zander Rice will be revealed as Mister Sinister in the film. It would make sense, since both of them like to experiment on mutants and Grant would make a terrific Sinister.

Ryan Reynolds

Maybe Deadpool doesn’t appear, but Ryan Reynolds does. It could be anything from a walk-on cameo to a magazine referencing him (much like what Tim Miller did with Hugh Jackman in 2016’s Deadpool). In a world where most mutants are dead, it wouldn’t surprise me if the unkillable Deadpool showed up in some imaginative way.


If Umberto can make wild claims, so can we. And why shouldn’t Snoopy appear in the film? Caliban sort of looks like an older Charlie Brown, so a post-apocalyptic Snoopy wouldn’t be out of place in this world. Maybe he’ll have some face tatts and piercings, and be tasked with saving humanity from itself.

Do you think Deadpool will appear in Logan? Let us know in the comments below.

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