Nintendo made a lot of nostalgic NES fans very happy when they announced that they would be releasing a mini-NES packed with 30 classic games. Now one fan has created a custom 3D printed version using a Rasberry Pi.


Obviously fans also quickly figured out that the new mini-NES would not be able to read old NES cartridges which made a lot of them flip the table, so to speak. Luckily, Nintendo super-fan daftmike decided that he would go one step beyond what Nintendo was doing and created his own version of the mini-NES (using 3D printing and a Raspberry Pi), but with the ability to use faux NES cartridges with NFC information loaded on them. The NFC information tells the Raspberry Pi what emulator it should play. Unfortunately, daftmike’s mini-NES isn’t capable of reading your old original NES cartridges, but it is a step closer to what fans would really like to see Nintendo release.

For those feeling motivated and have enough technical know-how (and resources) can create their very own mini NES by following the instructions on daftmike’s blog. If you are just interested in the process of making the cute little nostalgic device, we have included daftmike’s video below to demonstrate how it works:

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