These 3D Lamps Are Too Awesome

Joker 3D Lamps

I often get calls at all sorts of ungodly hours from people wanting to buy some of the cool stuff we feature on Fortress of Solitude. So let me start by saying: We do not sell any of these really cool 3D lamps.

Collecting memorabilia is a key ingredient to being a geek. Personally, I’ve collected all sorts of random comic book, film, and video game stuff over the years ranging from Superman to Star Trek. So when I saw these, I really wanted one. Or two. Or three. Okay, maybe a few. They are very cool. I’ve already picked out a spot for the Joker lamp.

Searching around the net I found it for $23 on Again, we are not affiliated with these guys. We’re just pointing out how cool they are.

Joker 3D Lamp

Batman Joker 3D Lamp

Iron Man 3D lamp lamp

AT-AT 3D Lamp

3D Lamp Falcon ship Star Wars

Darth Vader 3D Lamp

Iron Man 3D Lamp

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